• What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    Let's start with the details that usually repel:

    Aggressive makeup

    Some of us are so eager to look attractive, that they do not notice how they go too far. The base, tone, concealer, proofreader - and now the natural beauty is hidden under the battle coloring of the leader of the Kikuyu tribe. Most men prefer either natural makeup or lack of it. And it's not only in appearance. It turns out that some people are afraid that cosmetics may stain their clothes during hugs and kisses. That's it.

    What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    Excess perfumery

    A light plume of aroma will not cause discomfort, but you do not need to pour perfume from head to toe. Firstly, it is not known whether you will like those around you that you chose for yourself. Secondly, even the most pleasant aroma in large quantities can cause a headache and a desire to get as far as possible. Do you need it?

    Long nails with frilly design

    During a recent visit to a manicure studio, I had the opportunity to sit next to a rather attractive girl who had been choosing rhinestones for a long time and painstakingly. I wondered: for whom she does it? Is it for yourself? Since men such efforts still do not appreciate. I asked a few friends what they think about the design on the nails. Half answered that they do not peer at what is drawn there, and the second half was generally surprised that women on the nails are DRAWING something.

    What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    As for the length, many men are not so much attracted by the excessive length of the nails, but even frightening: what if a lady during a quarrel pounces and scratches her face?

    Business suits

    It is not surprising that in large (and not very) corporations, the dress code assumes business suits in which office employees become completely unattractive and non-sexual, and therefore do not distract male colleagues from work. This is especially true for trouser suits that turn women into some kind of tin soldiers. Full antisex!

    Excess body hair

    Though there are supporters of absolute naturalness, men are mostly against excessive vegetation.We are not monkeys, in the end, even though there is a version that we came from them. So it is better to remove excess hair and not to frighten the gentleman. And if he turns out to be a lover of “shaggy”, he will tell you about it on occasion.

    What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    But something men like very much, so that these points should pay special attention:


    Of course, all men understand that shoes without a heel - it's convenient, practical and for every day, but that does not mean that they do not see the appeal of shoes. Studs cause admiration in most men. But if you don’t know how to walk in heels, it’s better not to break your legs, but to get acquainted with other items.

    Mini skirts and décolletage

    Remember Bublikova from the movie “Office Romance” - at all times bare legs excited the imagination of men. And to this day, short skirts remain one of the main means of seduction. What can we say about the decollete zone! Trite, but men are still underway. However, in everything you need to know the measure. Do not use these two weapons of mass destruction at the same time - get tired of fighting off the affected masses!

    What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    Long flowing hair

    Once I happened to hear the following phrase from a man: “If a girl has long hair, she’s already beautiful”.Men really long hair girls like much more than short haircuts. Especially if the hair is loose.


    Here, it seems to me, it is not even necessary to explain anything. Stockings act on most men like a red rag to a bull. Many people call this wardrobe item the sexiest and are upset that women rarely wear them. Well, this is a reason to think, is not it?

    What attracts and repels men in our appearance

    Dark skin

    You are probably surprised, but girls with tanned skin attract men more than light-skinned ones. It is difficult to say what it is connected with - perhaps the tanned body itself looks slimmer and sportier. It is not for nothing that sportswomen of a fitness bikini put make-up before competitions - it favorably emphasizes the figure. Without it, they do not look so impressive. But do not go too far and disappear in the solarium all day long, roasting to the state of grilled chicken. More beautiful you are unlikely to become, but the skin may suffer.

    Of course, we all want to look attractive, and for ourselves in the first place. In the field of beauty, it is easy to overdo it, therefore in striving for perfection it is very important to find that golden mean and not to forget that the best is the enemy of the good, and the result does not always justify the effort.

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