• What are wills

    A notarially certified will applies to a document written by the testator himself or recorded by the notary in his words. In the process of its preparation, technical means such as a computer, a typewriter, etc. can be used. At the initiative of the testator, a witness may be present. In this case, the document should contain its initials, address, place of registration.
    A closed will is understood as a document, the content of which the testator has the right to hide from everyone (even from a notary). It is sealed in an envelope, subject to the presence of a pair of witnesses. This envelope is sealed in one more, on which is fixed the place of drawing up the will, the initials of the compiler and the address of his registration in accordance with the passport data. Next, the testator is issued a certificate of acceptance of the will of the closed type. After the death of the testator and the submission of the relevant certificate by the heirs, as the 15 days expire, the envelope is opened by the notary in the presence of relatives and a pair (or more) of witnesses.The text of the document is read aloud and a protocol is drawn up in which the witnesses and the notary must sign.
    The essence of a testamentary disposition of money in banking structures is that a citizen, at his discretion, determines from which accounts and how much money he will transfer to his heirs. The document can be drawn up without the participation of a notary, you only need to use the right to a testamentary disposition, which must be signed by the testator with the date of its preparation, followed by certification by a bank employee.
    The will in emergency situations can be made in simple written form, but subject to certain conditions. First of all, it concerns the condition of the testator, i.e. he has the right to prepare this type of document only in case of danger to life. In addition, the testator must be capable. The will must have his personal signature, as well as the signature of a pair of witnesses. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the document loses its validity. If the emergency has passed, the testator must draw up a new document in a strictly established form within a month. If this procedure is not followed, the will is no longer considered valid.In order for an emergency document to come into force, the heirs must submit a relevant application to the court within six months after the fact of death.

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