• What are the wines?

    All wines differ in the method of preparation, composition, taste, and nutritional value. Therefore, a single classification of wines for all countries does not exist. However, we will try to figure out what wines are and what wine to choose in accordance with their preferences. At the beginning, we note that according to the content of added alcohol, all wines can be divided into natural and fortified. As for the natural wine, it is prepared exclusively from the fruits of the grape plant and does not add any substances used to produce wines of other categories. In the production of natural wine, the sugar contained in the grape is fermented to the end or specially left unhealthy in order to give the wine a special flavor. The sugar content of all natural wines are divided into dry, semi-dry, dessert and semi-sweet. Fortified wines are dry, dessert and liqueur.

    Types of wine

    With full fermentation of the juice obtained dry wines, characterized by their tenderness and ease of taste. In addition, they are characterized by a small and pleasant sourness.As a rule, the name of the grape variety used for their production is present in their names: Rkatsiteli, Aligote, Sylvester, Riesling. For the preparation of this type of wine, grape harvesting is carried out when the sugar content in it reaches 18-20%. Pondering what wine to choose, it is necessary to take into account its difference in color. So the wines can be red, white or pink. It depends on the color of the grape berries, as well as on the manufacturing technology. Dry red wine is also different from white in its diverse bouquet and taste. In these wines, a magnificently developed bouquet of such grape varieties as Merlot, Cabernet, Saperavi and others.

    Wine production

    For the production of red wines, grapes are harvested when the sugar content reaches 20-23%. This contributes to the accumulation of the maximum amount of aromatic and coloring substances. Due to this, the strength of red wine is higher than that of white, but the acidity is much lower. In addition, red wines have large biologically active substances than white ones. In order to get semi-sweet or semi-dry wines, the fermentation of the mash or wort is not completed.It is stopped with the help of special technological methods, which allow to partially save sugar. Such wines are very harmonious and fairly light. All this is achieved due to the low alcohol content of natural fermentation. These wines are the most popular. Very sweet wines are perfectly combined with dessert dishes. Therefore, they are called "dessert". Fortified dessert wines with alcohol have a fairly high percentage of sugar - from 3 to 7%, and alcohol - from 16 to 22%. But light dessert wines contain even more sugar, but a smaller percentage of alcohol - from 10 to 16%.

    Wine categories and classifications

    Deciding what wine to buy, you need to remember about its quality category. So the wines are divided into dining, collection and vintage. Table wines are intended for lunch. They are usually served with different dishes. In vintage wine, an important role is played not only by the grape variety that was used for its production, but also by where this grape grows, as well as where the wine was spilled and how it was prepared. All these characteristics ensure the quality of the drink.Wines made from different grape varieties are called blending. They are characterized by a low fortress, only 9-12 degrees. Excellent results are achieved thanks to the correct selection of components included in the blend.

    European wine classification

    Considering what wines are, it is necessary to pay special attention to the European classification. In it there are two categories of wines - table and quality, produced in a particular region. In the French classification of these categories are already four. The first category is table wines, the second is land wines, or local wines produced in a particular wine-making region. The third category is top-class vintage wines, wines tied to small regions. And the fourth category, the most elite, is the fault of controlled items by origin. Wines of this category are the most expensive, each wine is made in a certain strict place, from grapes grown in one vineyard, and sometimes even a strictly defined part of the vineyard. It should be noted that if the word “Cru” is present in the title, this means that the grapes were grown on a historically better piece of land than the surrounding areas.

    Sparkling wine

    Consider also what are the wines from this category on the content of sugar. There are six such categories in total:

    • extra brut, sugar content up to 6g / l;
    • brut, sugar content up to 15g / l;
    • the driest, sugar content 12-20g / l;
    • dry, sugar content 17-35g / l;
    • semi-dry, sugar content 33-55g / l;
    • sweet, sugar content over 50g / l.

    The finest sparkling wines produced in France are called champagne.

    Now you know what wines are. Going into the supermarket is very hard not to get lost in a huge assortment of drinks. Now it will be easy for you to decide on the choice of a bottle of wine, depending on the occasion, setting and taste preferences. If you want to take a drink for dinner - easy to eat light dining. And for special occasions it is better to choose vintage fortified. For fruits, they usually take semi-sweet or dry wines, and for fish and meat, they are dry.

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