• What are the tricycles and what are their advantages?

    Today, the stroller is an important element in any family where a small child appears. The stroller is quite affordable due to the wide range. But before this attribute was extremely expensive, and only rich families could afford it. Interestingly, the first strollers drove a pony or goat. Because of the lack of pens in the first wheelchair, they had to be pulled, in what animals helped.

    Recently, the appearance of the strollers has changed a lot and continues to change.

    It is known that the first stroller was 4-wheeled, and only later time appeared more comfortable and maneuverable models on 3 wheels. A huge selection of wheelchairs and price comparisons can be viewed on Aport.ru.

    A variety of tricycles

    Three-wheeled carriages are characterized by fashionable and sporty design, excellent maneuverability and easy handling. Separate models can develop rather high speed.For example, in Western countries, many parents participate in marathons and races with such strollers.

    There is even a stroller that allows you to accelerate great speed, and then jump into it and ride along with the baby, driving a special steering wheel.

    It is unlikely that any of the Russian parents will seriously think about acquiring such a model, because in our country a wheelchair is only an attribute for carrying babies. Current trends suggest that tricycles are preferred by dynamic and modern parents.

    The main types of three-wheelers

    Models on 3 wheels are divided into four main types: universal, walking and transformers, strollers for several children. These three types of strollers can often be found in Russian shops.

    • Universal models. They have a chassis on which, if necessary, you can install a cradle, a walking block or a car seat. These features make the stroller the most flexible in its class.
    • Walking patterns. Designed for children who can sit. In most cases, walking models can be adjusted, including lying.The seat is rearranged facing the mother or to the side of the road.
    • Model-transformer. Suitable for children from 0 to 3-4 years. Thanks to a folding system of 180 degrees, you can turn the cradle into a seating position.
    • Strollers for several children. Most often there are four-wheel models for twins, but modern production supplies the market with maneuverable three-wheeled strollers for twins.

    The main advantages

    Making a choice in favor of the stroller on 3 wheels, the buyer does the right thing for a number of reasons:

    1. Ease and maneuverability. Having one wheel in the front allows you to effortlessly cope with any obstacles on the road, go around the pits, puddles and make it much easier. Than in the case of a stroller on 4 wheels.
    2. Allows you to turn around on the spot with the smallest radius. Thanks to the full-turning front wheel (360 degrees), the stroller runs perfectly in narrow lanes with a large number of turns. In tourist places most often you can see parents with children in a three-wheeled type wheelchairs.
    3. Wide wheelbase. Unlike the models on 4 wheels, in this case, increased stability from turning.
    4. It quickly develops and takes up minimal space during transportation.
    5. Stiffer suspension. As a rule, the frame is equipped with a rigid suspension, which allows for good shock absorption.
    6. Distinctive braking system. Three-wheel models are very often equipped with a brake and a speed limiter.
    7. Opportunity to play sports. Three-wheeled models, like bicycles, are equipped with a handbrake, so a mother can go in for sports while walking. For example, you can run or roll on rollers, thereby maintaining your physical shape. Initially, the idea of ​​combining a walk with a child and playing sports appeared in the US, and then spread to Europe. Of course, a baby carriage is not a simulator, but you can maintain an active lifestyle.
    8. Unusual. All three-wheeled models have an interesting design. Designers are very actively working to create unique models.
    9. The weight. Most often, tricycles are presented in low weight. Compactness in combination with low weight makes the stroller ideal for use in the city.
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