• What girls are there?

    “Girls are different,” as they say in one of the songs of the group “Rotten Scammers”. They differ from each other and behavior, and appearance, and temperament. In this article we will talk about what kind of girls there are, what psychological types of their characters can be distinguished.

    Princess girl

    This is a modern type of character. He appeared due to the fact that the age of childbearing increased, and more and more mothers began to become after 30 years. If a girl is born, then her upbringing is usually very pampered. Because they waited for her to be born for a long time, and then now she will get all the best. In a family where there is such a “princess”, the last word always rests with her. And if something is not according to it, then there will certainly be tantrums and whims. “Princess Girl” puts appearance on the first place and communicates with all, mainly orders and ultimatums. If your child has similarities with this description of behavior, then it is urgent to take action and correct it.

    First, because she herself will not be easy during her life, both in the children's team and then in the adult, because not everyone will strive to please her.And secondly, because it is impossible to allow her beauty to be of paramount importance for the baby. Ahead of the transitional age, and the girl can turn into an “ugly duckling”, and this can be a big blow for her and lead to psychological problems. And finally, thirdly, because the notion of “princess” is not always beauty and greatness, but also kindness, care, justice, accuracy and independence.

    ugly duck

    This is the complete opposite of the type of "princess" among those girls are. The psychological complex of the “ugly duckling” will begin to develop in a baby from childhood, if the parents allow themselves to be rude to her, mockery of her appearance, stabbing statements about the figure or face. The presence of such a complex can never be eliminated, and this will lead to difficulties in personal life and in general in relationships with people.

    In the world there are many examples of how women with any appearance achieve excellent results in family life and career. Being veiled here can not play any role, and most importantly - self-esteem.If she was not underestimated since childhood, then the girl will have self-confidence, which means that she will have higher chances to achieve everything she wants.

    Peppy - Long Stocking

    This psychological type is the definition of a very active girl. This is a girl-boy, with broken knees and a soiled face. If you constantly tell your daughter about what girls are and that girls do not behave as she does, then you have a child of this type.

    The child is hyperactive and cannot be redone. You can direct her energy in the right direction by writing to the sports section or dance group. A music school is hardly suitable for such a girl, because her mobility will not allow her to be a diligent student.


    It is surprising, but in our modern time such characters are found. Usually these are girls from large families, in which daughters are always the main helpers in the household. Material shortages lead to harsh upbringing, lack of pamperedness and early training for work.

    This may have the disadvantage that a child from childhood will develop a great sense of duty, and not just responsibility, and she will take any work as a duty and duty.Subsequently, the "Cinderella girl" will be quite difficult to arrange his personal life, because she will always work for someone. And if he meets a man, he quickly recognizes a good worker in her and sits on his neck.

    Therefore, it is desirable to educate the girl not by coercion to work, but by asking and explaining the significance of her contribution to family well-being.

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