• What are the flowers of mint shade

    What are the flowers of mint shadeMint is the color of freshness, natural foliage and a cool Mojito cocktail. This unusual shade helps to relax, soothes the eyes, reminds of our youth, spring and gives a feeling of lightness. That's why designers began to decorate houses, apartments and public institutions using peppermint, and men are eager to present just the mint bouquet of their beloved, symbolizing femininity and romance. It is on the colors of mint color, we dwell in more detail in our article.

    Mint Diversity

    Mint is a shade of light green, diluted with blue. It includes a whole range of palette from pale blue to emerald green. Special attention should be paid to the value of this color.

    Mint symbolizes coolness, youth, reverie, tranquility, freshness and harmony. Just imagine: spring, fluttering butterflies, sun, greens and the smell of mint plants in brewed tea ... what could be more beautiful? From this shade never tired eyes.That is why many people want to make a wedding in a mint style, and a bride or a beloved girl to give a mint bouquet.

    True, to find plants of mint color is very difficult. After all, mint, which we brew into tea - it's not a flower, the leaves of this plant can only be added to your bouquet, to give the fragrance of freshness. Well, we already said that this color contains shades of green, emerald, blue and white. It is on these colors and should be based, collecting a bouquet. In the bouquet can be present white roses, pink tulips, peonies, buttercups, as well as various exotic flowers that have a blue or lilac shade. Pay attention to eucalyptus, cineraria, eustoma, gypsophila. Collect all these plants in one bouquet. An excellent solution will be an exotic mix of greenish-gray succulents.What are the flowers of mint shade

    In nature, it is very difficult to find mint flowers, so you can use in a bouquet
    artificial buds. It can be flowers made of polymer clay or fabric. The photo shows an example of a bouquet of mint flowers.

    Wedding decoration in mint color

    Before you begin to design your wedding, think about the shade you need.As we have said, mint color is diverse. You can arrange the celebration in dark colors, using a dark green palette and whitewash, or use only light shades, for example, the contrast of light green, blue and pink. And so that the wedding turned out "mint", select the appropriate accessories. On the chairs will perfectly look white bows.What are the flowers of mint shade

    Put vases with fresh flowers on the tables, for example, daisies, tulips, bells, carnations. Add real mint leaves to the bouquets to add freshness and flavor. Pay attention to the dishes and napkins. Porcelain mugs on soft blue napkins will look very original. The tablecloth can be snow-white, pink or gently salad.

    Pay special attention to the bride's bouquet. Mint flowers do not exist, so collect your own bouquet. And so, white and pink flowers, for example, roses, complemented with brooches and silk ribbons, will be a good option. You can buy artificial flowers with a mint leg.What are the flowers of mint shade

    You can treat your guests to a cocktail "Mojito" before the main dishes. For wedding cake, pick up colored whipped cream and frosting.

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