• What are ornamental stones?

    There are many classifications of natural minerals used for the production of jewelry and objects of applied art. Precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones differ in characteristics:
    • hardness;
    • transparency;
    • brightness of color, the presence of a beautiful pattern;
    • the number of deposits in the world and the complexity of processing.

    The cost and use of precious and ornamental stones for jewelry depends on it.

    The precious stones of the 1st order of value include diamonds (diamonds after cutting), sapphires, emeralds, rubies, alexandrites, and noble spinel. Natural pearls are also valued by jewelers, although they are not stone by origin.

    What are ornamental stones?

    Silver earringsandsilver ring with aventurine;silver bracelet with cornelian, 4or 12 beads, SL (prices by reference)

    The rest of the natural minerals jewelers prefer to combine and apply for them the term "jewelry-ornamental". This group includes:

    • Precious and semiprecious stones of the 2nd order (the most popular are beryl, noble opal, aquamarine, topaz, red tourmaline, jadeite);
    • precious stones of the third order (the most famous are garnet, turquoise, rock crystal, agate, carnelian, moonstone, hematite, amethyst, green tourmaline, chrysoprase, carnelian);
    • colored stones with an opaque or partially transparent structure (lapis lazuli, jasper, nephrite, malachite, rhodonite, aventurine, rose quartz).

    Gemstones in Jewelry

    Jewelry with diamonds, natural rubies, alexandrite, emeralds and sapphires is the most expensive and desired for women. A well-cut natural crystal is bright. Typically, these stones are inserted into the rim of precious metals (gold, platinum, silver).

    You need to know that most of the proposed gemstones are synthetic. They completely repeat the properties and type of natural gems, but cost tens and even hundreds of times cheaper.

    Jewelry and ornamental stones: diversity and value

    The value of natural jewelry and ornamental and ornamental stones in their huge diversity. Gems of the same name vary greatly in transparency, size of crystals, hue.

    Absolutely transparent crystals are cut as especially precious stones.Large crystals (up to 10 carats and above), emerald or wedge-shaped cut are used for the manufacture of exclusive jewelry. They are made out in gold and platinum.

    In the collections of Gucci, Nina Ricci, other brands with world renown, expensive products with aquamarines framed with precious metals are represented.

    The charoite ornamental stone is an example of a rare mineral. It was discovered in the middle of the last century and is mined in a single field near the Chara River, in Russia. Intense purple color and small volumes of mining made it one of the valuable jewelry stones.

    Famous jewelry made of semiprecious stones

    The aquamarine gem set belongs to the Queen of England. It includes a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and a diadem.

    Pure amethysts decorated the crown of Tsar Feodor Ioannovich's wife, the throne of Alexander I. The large amethyst was set into the scepter of the royal house of Britain. Queen Charlotte owned a famous amethyst necklace.

    What are ornamental stones?

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    Ornamental stones in jewelry: individuality and beauty

    Opaque ornamental stones in jewelry have their advantages:

    • After polishing, they acquire an unusual shine.
    • The heterogeneous structure of ornamental stones is used by jewelers to obtain an individual pattern. When cutting a stone, layers with non-repeating patterns and even paintings are opened. Especially famous for this property malachite, moss agate, jasper, rhodonite.
    • A variety of color, its intensity and shades give the masters a scope for the manufacture of unique jewelry.

    The style, color and even shade of jewelry with stones is selected to dress, costume, season, event. Author's jewelry with stones is the choice of connoisseurs with individual taste.

    Jewelry with stones: magic, talismans, amulets

    The special qualities of ornamental stones include natural purity and interaction with the owner.

    Jewelry with stones has long been attributed to the properties of a beneficial effect on health, to bring good luck, wealth and protect against enemies.

    The first amulets appeared in ancient Egypt.It was believed that well-being was invoked by blue and green stones, red helped the love, and black stones were protected from evil.
    Horoscopes and specialists with the knowledge of astrology and gemology help to find your magic stone.

    Ornamental stones: exclusive interior decoration

    Less valuable specimens of ornamental stones are used to make magnificent artistic objects: vases, figurines, trinkets, desk writing sets, lamp bases and other items. Exquisite caskets and table medallions are popular. Such products from ornamental stones will decorate any interior, you just need to take into account the style of the room.

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