• What are electromagnetic waves?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    April 2, 2013
    What are electromagnetic waves?

    For anyone interested in physics, the question of what is electromagnetic waves is relevant. This process involves the movement and propagation in space of electromagnetic fields. Imagine seeing an electromagnetic field. So, when the field changes the direction of the vector, it is in the process of an electromagnetic wave. Vectors are live. When a wave spreads, they change their direction perpendicular to it. Also, there is a change in the magnetic field, which is affected by the electric vector. These changes, in turn, also change the electric field. This is an interconnected process in which the electromagnetic field, by its oscillations, influences changes in its electric field.

    If we talk about waves, we need to mention such a thing as radiation. The answer to the question of what electromagnetic radiation is is: it is a wave driven by (excited) various charged objects, for example, atoms or molecules.Electromagnetic radiation is the same wave, only in the charged state. Radiation can adversely affect human health, but it depends on the length of the wave itself and the frequency of oscillations. If the number of oscillations is small (several oscillations per second), these waves can be safe for the human body. But if the frequency increases (x-ray - 10 to the twentieth degree), they can adversely affect the well-being.

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