• What are chakras?

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    What are chakras?

    Recently, quite often you can hear about the chakras and their importance in human life. However, not everyone knows what the chakras are and what they are responsible for. Let us dwell on these issues in more detail.

    The value of the chakras for humans

    The chakras are human energy centers that are located at certain points. Their main purpose is participation in the energy processes of the private (at the level of one person) and on a universal scale. It is believed that the state of the chakras depends on the physical and emotional state.

    A person has 7 chakras, each of which is responsible for certain processes:

    1. Muladhara - located in the pelvic region. This chakra is responsible for procreation, ability to survive, vitality and prosperity.
    2. Svadhisthana - is at the level of the spine and the sacrum. This chakra is responsible for pleasure, self-confidence, sexuality and sensual perception.
    3. Manipura is located in the solar plexus area.This chakra encourages a person to be active, striving to develop in his career, to win and achieve goals in various areas of his life.
    4. Anahata - located in the heart. This chakra is responsible for the feelings of a person, the ability to properly perceive themselves and accept other people in their lives.
    5. Vishudha - is in the neck. This chakra allows you to influence people and express themselves. She is also responsible for the creative abilities of a person and his love of life.
    6. Ajna - located in the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. This chakra is still very often called the third eye. She is responsible for the beginnings, thoughts and worldview of a person. If it is developed, then the intuitive abilities of a person will move to a high level.
    7. Sahasrara - is located above the crown. It is this chakra that allows a person to communicate with cosmic forces. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring that a person performs his mission on earth. If it is well developed, it will be possible to understand the meaning of life and be filled with wisdom.

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