• What and how to soundproof a room in an apartment

    What materials are used to isolate rooms

    According to the requirements of building codes, the noise level in a residential area should not exceed 30 dB. For a comfortable stay in the apartment is enough to eliminate the typical problems and make noise insulation.
    Noise-absorbing materials include:
    - drywall;
    - foam, polyurethane;
    - basalt and mineral wool;
    - carpet;
    - various wallpaper;
    - plaster;
    - cork soundproofing

    Ways to get rid of noise

    One of the most effective methods of sound insulation is a drywall construction. For its construction will require:
    - wooden slats;
    - plasterboard profile;
    - insulation material;
    - self-tapping screws;
    Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the wall: clean and eliminate all defects. You will need cement mortar, plaster and putty. Then we proceed to the construction of the framework on which drywall will be installed in the future.Metal or wooden profile should not be installed on the walls, it is better to retreat from it a couple of centimeters. And directly to the wall you need to install a vibration barrier.

    Stages of construction of a metal frame for drywall

    To begin with, a straight line is drawn on the floor parallel to the wall. The same line is drawn on the wall. The procedure is carried out using level and plumb. Now you can build the frame itself. A guide profile is attached to the contoured line. The same manipulations are carried out on the ceiling. Next, proceed to the installation of suspensions. Profiles will be mounted on them. The step between profiles should be leveled at 120 cm. It is better to fix hangers and profiles with dowel-nails. Soundproof material is installed in the finished frame. It can be mineral wool or glass wool. The main thing that the material had a high coefficient of sound absorption.
    Next step: installing drywall to profile. Everything is simple here - sheets of drywall are screwed with screws. The joints between the sheets need to be sealed with a special mesh. On the finished wall, you can stick wallpaper or saddle putty with further painting the surface.
    The most problematic places in terms of noise are windows, entrance doors and gaps in the ceiling. The only way to sound insulation of windows is to install a three-layer glass unit. The entrance door must be at least double, and an insulating layer must be installed inside it. To eliminate cracks in the ceiling can be used anti-vibration sealant. All engineering systems also need reliable insulation. This can be done with the construction of insulating boxes made of elastic materials.

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