• Weather in St. Petersburg in January 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise at the beginning and end of the month. Exact weather forecast for St. Petersburg in January

    PSSP-003A preliminary forecast made by the Russian hydrometeorological center says that the weather in St. Petersburg in January 2017 will meet the average statistical standards typical for this period of time in almost all respects. The beginning of the month will be remembered for moderate coolness, variable cloudiness and precipitation in the form of rain and sleet. The second decade will be slightly darkened by sharply frozen frosts, but the most severe temperatures will fall at the end of January. There will not be completely clear days, but 6-7 times the shy sun will still seem because of the clouds and will delight guests and residents of the beautiful St. Petersburg.

    Weather in St. Petersburg in January 2017 - a detailed forecast from the weather center

    According to a preliminary weather forecast compiled by the Russian weather center, the weather in St. Petersburg in January 2017 will be remembered by residents and guests of the city for instability, sudden temperature changes, short-term but severe frosts and regular, heavy rainfall. The month starts with steady zero temperatures during the day and a small minus (down to -5 ° C) at night. This situation will last in St. Petersburg from January 1 to January 4, and will be accompanied by variable cloudiness and intermittent rain turning into sleet. However, from the 5th onwards, the winter weather will show its true essence and force the mercury columns to rapidly fall to -15 ° C in the morning and to -23 ° C in the evening. A small compensation for such aggressive frosty weather will be the cleared sky and dim sun, timidly looking out from behind a thick curtain of clouds.


    On January 7, the air temperature will become slightly softer, and by the morning of 8 it will completely return to quite comfortable for the Neva winter indicators (-1 ° C during the day). True, the nights will remain cold and after 5 pm the mercury columns will register from -16 ° C to -18 ° C, both in St. Petersburg and in the region.

    From 10 to 15 the average daily temperature will range from -11 ° C to -17 ° C. The sun will be able to break through the dense cloud cover only from January 10 to January 13, and from January 14, the weather in St. Petersburg will fade and snow will fall again. On January 16 a little warmer and the thermometers will record -7 ° C, but the snow will stop only on the 17th and the weather will clear for a while. Since 19 Arctic cyclone will cover St. Petersburg, but the characteristic feature of this phenomenon will not be frost, but heavy snowfall, which will last until the 23rd. The air temperature during this period of time will fluctuate within -3 ... 11 ° C, and by January 25 it will be -2 ° C during the day and -3 ... 7 ° C at night.


    26 thermometers in St. Petersburg will record 0 ° C, and by the evening of this day it will become cold by two degrees and heavy snow will fall again. On the night from January 28 to January 29, the city will be captured by real frosts and mercury columns will slide to the mark of -25 ° C in the morning and -27 ... 29 ° C in the dark. On the 30th, the snowfall will stop, and the weather in Petersburg will become clearer and less frosty. January 31 will be cloudy and the city will meet in February with a temperature of -19 ° C and high snow drifts.

    Weather in St. Petersburg January 2017 - the most accurate forecast of weather forecasters


    Instability will be the most striking feature of the weather in St. Petersburg in January 2017. In any case, this is exactly what the most accurate forecast of weather forecasters from the Russian hydrometeorological center claims. Earlier this month, atmospheric fronts moving from Central Asia and the Atlantic Ocean will rule the ball in the city. Along with them, moderately cool weather will come to St. Petersburg (around 0 ° C during the day and no more than -5 ° C), partly cloudy and rains turning into sleet.

    In the middle of January, temperature fluctuations will make the residents and guests of St. Petersburg fairly worried. The indicators of the thermometer will change almost every day and cover a very wide range (from 0 ° C to -17 ° C). Such active transitions from moderate cold to fierce frost will bring with it an arctic atmospheric flow, which will leave the city only after January 22nd. His departure will mark a small “window” of relatively warm and fairly clear weather, but already 29 the frost will once again vividly declare itself and the mercury column will drop to -25 ° C. On the 30th day, St. Petersburg will survive the coldest night in a month (down to -34 ° C), and 31 weather in the city will gradually begin to warm up.

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