• Weather in Sochi in January 2017 - accurate forecast from the weather center of Russia. What will be the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort

    SPYA-001Traditional weather for the middle of winter in Sochi in January 2017 promises a preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center. A small cold snap (-3 ... 6 ° C in the morning and -7 ... 12 ° C at night) will happen in the first decade, and all other days will be only plus. Rains will fall quite a lot and only at the beginning of the month they will be replaced for a short time by wet snow. The middle and the end of January will be remembered for stable heat, variable cloudiness, short-term rains and strong winds. The water temperature will not exceed + 11.5 ° C, so bathing will have to be postponed until a more suitable period or use the comfortable indoor pools, which are in Sochi at almost every hotel.

    Weather in Sochi in January 2017 - a detailed forecast from the weather center

    The most accurate and detailed forecast of the weather center reports that in January 2017, moderately warm weather will be established in Sochi, rich in precipitation and cloudy days. In the first three days of the second winter month it will be cloudy and rainy, and the average air temperature will be + 5 ... 6 ° C during the day and about + 4 ° C. By January 4, the weather will change. In the city, it will cool to +1 and sleet will replace the rain. In the evening, the mercury column will slide to minus marks, and by the next morning the precipitation will stop and the weather in Sochi will begin to clear. True, a timid sun, periodically looking out from behind the clouds, does not particularly warm the air and the temperature will vary from 5-7 in the range from -1 ° C to -6 ° C during daylight hours and to -11 ... 12 ° C at night.


    Since January 8 in Sochi will start to warm up again. First, the mercury column will reach the mark of + 4 ° C, and then it will go higher and stop only on the 12th day on the indicator of + 11 ° C during the day and + 7 ... 8 ° C at night. Together with a warm cyclone, precipitations will come and over the next two days heavy and prolonged rains will pour in the city. On January 14, the air will cool to + 6 ° C and precipitation will stop.Up to the 20th day, the weather in Sochi will be absolutely dry and quite clear, and the thermometers will record + 9 ... 11 ° C in the morning and about + 5 ... 7 ° C in the dark.

    From January 21 to January 27, Sochi will cover a wet cyclone and it will rain all seven days in the city. 24-25 numbers at the resort will be cold to + 4 ° C in the daytime and to -1 ° C in the evening, and showers will be replaced by sleet. 28 the weather will improve, precipitation will completely stop, the sky will clear up a bit, and the daytime temperature will rise to + 9 ... 11 ° C and this trend in the weather will last until the last days of January.

    Weather in Sochi in January 2017 - the temperature of the water near the resort


    Despite the fact that the weather in Sochi in January 2017 will be quite warm for the winter season, the water temperature around the coast of the resort will not be available for swimming. The sea will not warm up above + 10 ... 11.5 ° C and even very seasoned vacationers will not risk swimming in the inhospitable winter waves. Anyone who cannot imagine a vacation without active water procedures will have to limit himself to visiting the pools at the hotels or buy a subscription to the indoor water park, which offers a full range of services related to bathing.

    Weather forecast for Sochi in January - as forecasters promise at the beginning and end of the month

    In their preliminary forecast, based on long-term observations of the weather situation in the region, weather forecasters report that the weather in Sochi in January 2017 will be typical of mid-winter. The thermometer's column at the beginning of the month will fall just below the zero mark for only three days, and then again will return to the stable-plus indicators. The coldest day in January will be 6 numbers (-6 ° C during the day and around -12 ° C), and the warmest moments will fall on 11, 30 and 31 (+ 11 ° C during the daytime and + 7 ... 8 ° C in the evenings).


    According to the weather center, the number of cloudy days is guaranteed to exceed clear. Cloudy weather will last almost the entire month and the sun no more than 6-7 times will break through the blockade of heavy, gray clouds. The fallout will become regular guests on the streets of Sochi and it will be extremely uncomfortable to walk around the city without an umbrella, a thick jacket and reliable, waterproof shoes. Rain will stop only at the very end of the month, but the weather will not be completely clear anyway. Wet snow will cover Sochi only a couple of times a month and only in the first decade, but for a long time to enjoy the view of the snow-white resort will not have to neither residents nor guests of the city.Literally in a day, the snow will melt and drain off the asphalt without a trace.

    The water temperature in the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi will be no more than + 11.5 ° C. It is unlikely anyone would risk a swim in such a situation, especially given the strong winds that regularly blow from the coast in January. All lovers of water treatments will have to limit themselves to a swim in the hotel’s swimming pool or have a great time at one of the indoor water parks in Sochi, offering a full range of water-related attractions and entertainment.

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