• We sew a hare out of rags

    Toy bunny from shreds- sew a cute bunny made of felt or felt. The toy turns out very interesting thanks to the stitch and white thread.

    Materials and tools:

    1. white and brown felt (or felt)
    2. scissors;
    3. a needle and white thread
    4. filler (sintepon)
    5. yarn for a tail.


    Step 1

    Download the pattern and cut out all the details and in the necessary quantity: from brown fabric - 2 body parts, 2 ear details, 1 head detail; from white fabric - 2 details of ears; 1 part of the tummy.

    Getting to the assembly of toys. Take 2 brown body parts and 1 white tummy detail.

    First, sew the white detail to brown. All sew with white thread and obmetochnymi stitches. After the white part is sewn, we begin to sew the brown parts and add a brown head part on top.

    We sew the body of the bunny completely, leaving a small hole for the padding polyester from the back.

    Step 2

    We sew bunny ears - we sew together white and brown details.

    We fill the bunny with a padding polyester and sew up a hole. Sewing ears.

    Step 3

    Cut out the eyes from black and white fabric and sew. We embroider the face of the bunny - spout and antennae.

    It remains to make the tail for the bunny. We make a pompon of yarn, which will be a tail, and sew to the bunny.

    All,toy bunnyis ready.

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