• We grow smart hair fast

    Many dream of long and beautiful hair. But what to do if nature is not rewarded with such, or in a fit of emotions you cut off your long hair? How to become the owner of chic curls?

    Natural beauty

    Causes of slow hair growth

    Before giving advice and recommendations, we list the possible causes of slow hair growth:

    1. Stress. As you know, "all diseases of the nerves." And slow hair growth may also be due to just stress. So if you are experiencing or are in a state close to depression, then do not dream about beautiful long curls.
    2. Hereditary factor. If your mother and grandmother could not boast with long hair, then probably this is a genetic predisposition, which you probably also got.
    3. Incorrect food. The condition of the hair depends on the substances entering the body along with the food consumed. And if you use harmful products or those that do not contain the necessary vitamins, micro and macronutrients and minerals in sufficient volumes, then the hair is unlikely to be long and strong.
    4. Wrong care.If you do not pay enough attention to the care of your curls, hair growth will be slow.
    5. Circulatory disorders. If blood circulation in the scalp area is impaired or slowed down, the blood supply to the hair follicles, which are responsible for normal hair growth, is disturbed.
    6. Features of the hair growth phase. Hair follicles can be in different phases. For example, if they have moved to the rest stage, the hair will not grow quickly, they will relax. In that case, just wait. But remember that with age, hair in any case begins to grow more slowly.

    What to do?

    Many dream of them

    How to quickly grow long hair? Immediately it should be noted that to become the owner of a smart “mane” in a week will not work, everything takes time, so please be patient. But after a month, subject to the observance of all important rules, you will notice the results and be able to increase the length by 2-5 centimeters. Let us dwell on several basic principles on which hair growing is based.

    We nourish the hair from the inside

    So, in order to grow hair faster, you need to eat right and supply your body with everything you need. Here's what you should pay attention to:

    • Your hair needs calcium. Eat more milk and dairy products, sesame.
    • For the normal state of blood vessels and blood circulation, vitamin C is needed, which is contained in greens, citrus fruits, green onions.
    • You should eat B vitamins, which can be obtained from products such as nuts, seeds, beans, peas, carrots, cereals, and animal liver.
    • Add shine to hair and improve their condition of vitamin E contained in vegetable oils, beans and soy.
    • Vitamin A is also required. You can get it from red, green, and yellow fruits and vegetables, which are best used with oils (vitamin A is fat soluble).

    If all this is for some reason (for example, in winter or spring) is not available, ask the doctor about vitamin complexes.

    By the way, there are special dietary supplements designed to accelerate hair growth.

    Special Tools


    You can buy special medical or cosmetic products to accelerate hair growth. You can buy them in specialized professional stores. And you can go to the pharmacy.

    But before buying any funds, it is better to consult a trichologist.Such a specialist will assess the condition of your hair and their features and tell you what means you can really help.


    Massage is a very, very effective procedure that improves blood circulation in the scalp area. And this will help to significantly improve the blood supply of the hair follicles, as a result of which they will begin to receive all the necessary nutrients and work more actively.


    For the procedure, you can use a special head massage, consisting of many "fingers" or "tentacles", or your own fingertips. Massage the head in a circular motion with a little pressure. Do everything carefully so as not to damage the hair roots. Pay attention to all sites.

    Protect your hair

    Even the strongest and thickest hair needs protection. Negative environmental factors have an adverse effect on the condition of the hair and scalp.

    Here are some basic rules for protecting your hair:

    • In the cold season, by all means wear a hat and hide your hair under it. The cold is extremely negative for both the hair itself and the scalp and hair follicles.
    • Direct sunlight for the hair is also destructive, so that in the summer you must wear hats.
    • Dust and dirt can also damage your hair.
    • Smoke (for example) from the fire is also not at all useful.
    • Wind is also a negative factor of influence.
    • In the rain, by all means hide under an umbrella. So you will not only avoid colds, but also protect your hair.
    • Avoid squeezing or excessive tension of the hair.

    Proper care

    They must be healthy

    How to care for long hair, so that they become even longer and more beautiful?

    Here are the basic rules of care:

    1. It is important to choose the comb correctly. If the hair is thick, do not get a comb with frequent teeth. It is better to buy a massage brush. Dental, by the way, should be made of natural and safe materials (wood, rubber).
    2. Comb your hair properly. Start from the tips, move to the roots, do not tear the curls. If your hair is very tangled, divide them into strands and comb them piece by piece, not all at once.
    3. Do not wash your hair too often. 2-3 times a week will be quite enough. If you wash your hair often, then the hair will weaken, because you will wash off their natural protective layer.
    4. Responsible for the choice of means.Choose shampoo based on the type of your hair, as well as balms, conditioners and other means.
    5. Refrain from using curling irons and curling irons, and also do not blow-dry your hair, all of which is extremely negative for the growth and condition of your curls.
    6. Once or twice a month, trim the ends so that the hair is renewed faster.
    7. From such procedures as coloring, highlighting, perm and build-up, too, should be abandoned.
    8. Tap water has a negative effect on hair, so at least wash your head occasionally with boiled water, mineral water or a decoction of herbs.

    Folk methods

    You can make nutritional masks to accelerate hair growth at home. Here are a few recipes:

    1. Mustard mask. Mix 1 cup of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of mustard powder or mustard and two yolks. The resulting gruel is applied to the roots of hair, leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off with shampoo.
    2. Mix two tablespoons of castor, olive and coconut oils. Apply the composition to the scalp with massaging movements and distribute over all hair. Cover the head with a package, wrap a towel. After an hour or one and a half, wash off the oil with shampoo.
    3. Well nourishes the hair roots honey composition.Dissolve honey to make it liquid. Apply the composition to the scalp, distribute through the hair, wrap the head with cling film. After an hour, rinse your hair with warm water.

    Let your hair be thick, strong and long!

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