• We decorate the house with birch: how to spend the holiday of the Trinity

    Trinity - one of the most beautiful Orthodox holidays. And it's not just birch.

    What is so amazing happened on this day 2 thousand years ago? By that time, the greatest events on Earth had already taken place: Christ was born, met with elder Simeon, was baptized, was transformed, died, resurrected. And even ascended to heaven on the fortieth day after this miracle of miracles. It seems life calmed down. But, as it turned out, not for long: after only ten days, maybe the believers would not relax and get used to the fact that the Lord is omnipotent, God revealed another tremendous event, namely, he came down again from Heaven to Earth. Only not with the help of His Son, but in the form of the Holy Spirit.

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    “Suddenly there was a noise from the sky, as if from a rushing strong wind, and filled the whole house where they were. And there appeared to them divided tongues, as if fiery, and rested one by one on each of them.And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance, ”this is how the apostles in Acts describe this amazing day. Thus, the modern Orthodox Church stresses, we glorify first of all the triunity of God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, hence the main name of the holiday - the Trinity. We are celebrating it on Sunday, May 27, on the fiftieth day after Easter. Hence its second name is Pentecost. But the Day of the Holy Spirit is always celebrated the next day (which means this year on Monday, May 28), giving praise separately to Him.

    How to spend these days, our site told the priest.

    - The holiday of the Trinity calls Orthodox believers not only to jubilation, but to serious intellectual work, does not allow the brain to become lazy, makes you think and reflect, - explained Wday.ruArchpriest Alexander Ilyashenko, rector of the Moscow Church of the All-Merciful Savior. - After all, our religion, unlike other world, is extremely difficult to understand and accept. Well, in fact, what it is like to believe, on the one hand, that God is one (which is simple and understandable), but that He is also One in Three Persons.That Our Lord is the Father, and the Son, and now also the Holy Spirit. That He can send his Son to death for the salvation of mankind, while being all-powerful (that is, as God, immortal). And now also the fact that He can come down from Heaven and present Himself on the Earth by the Holy Spirit, while remaining at the same One God! Well, it's just in the head of an ordinary person does not fit! But all this is in fact the case, and we accept it, realize it, believe in it. And this is our wonderful multi-faceted life. That's about this holiday. Read, my dear, the Holy Scriptures and discover its most amazing pages. The apostles experienced the same shock on the fiftieth day after Easter, when they saw the descent of the Holy Spirit.

    This holiday is also pleasant because it should not be limited to reflections on reading the Bible and the liturgy: in Russia it was overgrown with beautiful worldly traditions.

    Birch decided to decorate everything on the Trinity
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    “It is customary to decorate all living quarters with Trinity with birch branches, which are good just at this time of the year, as well as with any other seasonal green plants and flowers,” advised our interlocutor.- Young people, since Pentecost always falls on a day off - Sunday, they usually arranged all sorts of fun in Russia - they played games and dances. Today, this is also, fortunately, everything is there: in the capital and other cities there are many youth Orthodox associations that organize such undertakings in all parks. You can easily find them on the Internet, and admission is free for everyone. There, if the Lord so arranges, it is possible to meet the future companion or life companion - for some cheerful gatherings.

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