• We create a useful thing in the household from a plastic bottle

    If you sometimes buy water in 5-liter bottles, for example, in nature, to a country house or during the period when the water is turned off, then you may still have plastic containers. Someone immediately throws out the bottle, someone uses it as an additional means for storing water for an emergency, and someone covers them with seedlings and roses. In a word, there are many ideas for use! And what do you say about a small creative, which will result in a very practical and useful thing in the household - a plastic basket for storing a wide variety of products?

    For work you will need:

    • five-liter bottle;
    • glue gun;
    • scissors;
    • adhesive tape (colored);
    • stationery knife;
    • two plastic handles;
    • wide braid.

    Let's get to work:

    1. Remove the label from the bottle, carefully cut off the top with a stationery knife.

    2. Using a braid and glue gun, treat the sharp cut edge of the bottle.

    3Attach plastic handles. Usually they are sold in hardware stores and shops for creativity and consist of two parts - the inner and outer handle. Cut the strip into the container, insert the handles on both sides and fasten.

    4. Using colored adhesive tape, decorate the basket to taste.

    You can also, at will, instead of two pens, make one so that the design resembles a bucket.

    Crafts are ready!

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