• Wafer rolls "Jasmine and three chocolates"

    You will need
    • - boiled rice "Jasmine" from Mistral - 100 grams;
    • - Milk chocolate with hazelnuts, bitter chocolate - 50 grams each;
    • - white porous chocolate - 40 grams;
    • - hazelnut petals - 30 grams;
    • - packing of wafer tubules.
    Boil rice for ten minutes, cool. Add coarsely broken Milk chocolate and hazelnut petals to rice, mix. Add the bitter chocolate pieces.
    Melt white chocolate in a water bath, coat it with the tips of filled tubes. Now dip the tubules in the hazelnut petals.
    Put the dessert in the freezer for half an hour. After that, decorate with bitter chocolate (melt it and pour it out of the bag).

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