• Very funny! A selection of sleeping cats

    Outside the window, such a non-real weather that I want to urgently cheer up, Friday night, after all, is on the nose. And what cheers up best? That's right, seals! You can look at the fluffies endlessly, as they play, eat or ... sleep. Dreams, these pranksters are ready to watch from 12 to 16 hours a day, you are unlikely to find great experts in this matter. And fall asleep at all anywhere. Any place is suitable for a healthy sleep: a salad bowl, a glass tabletop, a warm battery, a flowerpot, a shelf with cassettes and discs, which for some reason are still kept by the owner, a drain, and even a neighbor's dog, who does not want him to climb . We look at a selection of funny photos with sleeping cats and raise our spirits before the weekend!

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