• Velvet Horror: Chloe Moretz appeared in a tasteless dress

    21-year-old actress dresses worse than our grandmothers.

    Chloe Moretz is one of the youngest Hollywood divas. But she does not emphasize her freshness and youth, but, on the contrary, successfully hides. If she has a stylist, then this is clearly a secret star hayter. But, most likely, Chloe still chooses outfits for the red tracks herself. And lends them to my grandmother. No professional would advise a girl to wear a dress in which she came to the premiere of the film "Greta".

    Chloe Moretz
    Photo: Getty Images

    The dress, as if made from a faded, old velvet curtain, was complemented with exquisite, according to the designer, details - black transparent fabric sleeves into peas and a bow brooch on the neck. This outfit not only looked terrible in itself, but also made visible the main drawbacks of the Moretz figure: lush hips, lack of a waist, broad shoulders and neck, which can hardly be called a swan.

    By the way, many have noticed that recently the wardrobe of the actress really began to resemble the grandmother's chest. The other day, Chloe was spotted during a business meeting in New York.For the release, she chose an elongated checkered blazer and a black midi dress with lace trim. The image was completed with black stiletto sandals, put on elastic socks.

    Thanks to the controversial and very old-fashioned set, the actress looked at least 20 years older. And even the extremely fashionable combination of socks with shoes could not save the situation.

    Wday.ru chose six more of Chloe’s weirdest and tasteless outfits.

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