• Vegetable cream soup with chicken and chips

    Photo: Olga Safonova
    Chicken breast200 gramsPotatoes3 piecesCarrot1 pieceBulb onions1 piece1.5 literCream 10% fat200 millilitersCrackers
    • Servings:
    • Preparation time:20 minutes
    • Cooking time:10 minutes
    • Flow temperature:Hot dish
    • Processing Type:Cooking
    • Kitchen:French
    • Occasion:Everyday
    • Season:year round

    My chicken fillet, cut into small cubes, cook until cooked. My vegetables, clean and just boil. When the vegetables are ready, pour the broth into them (no chicken). Then grind blender to a state of mashed potatoes. Add cream, chicken, salt, pepper and bring the soup to a boil.

    When serving, you can decorate with greens, and there is a soup with potato chips or crackers - they add spiciness.

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