• Useful tanning rules

    Do not buy sunscreen that you do not like. When buying such a cream, the best thing is to focus on your feelings: you should like both the aroma and the texture. Otherwise, applying the cream to the skin will be delayed. It must be remembered that to protect the skin of the cream should be a sufficient amount. For an adult person at a time you need about 30 grams, which is about two tablespoons.
    It is necessary to remember forever: the clouds will not save from radiation! Sunscreen should be applied in any weather before going to the beach, even if the sky is overcast and a pleasant breeze blows. Unprotected in cloudy weather, sunburned white-skinned people risk getting a sunburn per hour on the beach. the amount of harmful radiation everyone will receive in full.
    It is worth knowing that there is no safe tan in nature. Ultraviolet damages the skin, and its response - a change in pigmentation.To get a beautiful chocolate color without harm to health is possible only with the help of tanning.
    Glass does not always save from exposure to sunlight. Not many of us are aware of the fact that long-wave UVA radiation leads to early wrinkles, and glass is not a barrier to these rays. So those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, or those whose workplace is located right by the window, put themselves at risk of photo-aging.
    You should not rely on a day cream or foundation, as a protection from ultraviolet radiation. Even if these products contain a UV filter. The fact is that in real life it is impossible to apply as much makeup as it is applied during testing. So lip balm, cream, powder should be chosen on the basis of their cosmetic effect, and it is worth using special means to protect yourself from radiation.
    The fact that it is impossible to burn in a solarium is a myth. Dermatologists believe artificial radiation is even more dangerous than natural. There is evidence that if a person began to attend a tanning salon before the age of 30, then the risk of developing melanoma increases by 75%. So, even if artificial tanning sessions are far in the past, it is worth undergoing examination by a dermatologist.
    The sun does not need to be avoided, you just need to be fully armed.After all, for the human body UV radiation is simply necessary in small doses. Calcium is not absorbed without them, vitamin D is not produced. You just need to stock up on panama, sunglasses and use sunscreen. And the time from 11 to 16 hours is to devote to siesta or shopping.

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