• Useful properties of sour cream for hair

    Few people can boast of beautiful hair from nature. In most cases, their ideal state is a large, almost daily work. The nature considerably facilitates to man this task, offering a lot of healthy and natural hair for health. One of these products is sour cream.

    It is simply indispensable for any type of strands, not only because of the large amount of vitamins, but also because of the different fat content and consistency, which allows you to prepare hair masks of any complexity. However, experts advise to use medium-fat sour cream, because it is she who blends in the best way with other ingredients and contains everything that is needed for beauty and strength of the strands.

    Useful material

    Such a fermented milk product as sour cream contains many important vitamins and microelements, which have a beneficial effect not only on the condition of the hair, but also on the scalp. These are vitamins A, C, PP, E. What are they useful to the hair, we will describe in more detail.

    Vitamin A or retinol, restores the skin, triggers protein synthesis, monitors metabolism, helps cells retain moisture, inhibits aging, activates hair growth. Vitamin C for hair is simply indispensable. Not only is it a natural and sufficiently powerful antioxidant, ascorbic is also responsible for blood circulation, blood vessels, tissue regeneration, protects against infections, provides hair with proteins and lipids necessary to get rid of increased fragility.

    Nicotinic acid or vitamin, denoted by the letters PP, frees the hair from toxic heavy metals, improves cell metabolism, blood circulation, helps tissues to "breathe." Well, and the anti-aging properties of vitamin E are known to all. It is elasticity, strength, brilliance, health, hair growth, beautiful curls, whole tips, reliable protection against fallout.

    How to apply the composition?

    The main use of sour cream, with reference to hair, is masks. Here the product can be used both in pure form and in mixtures with other ingredients. But for the composition to have the maximum effect, you need to know how to use it correctly.Therefore, here we describe several important points:

    • to wet dry strands, you need to choose a fatty product (over 25 percent);
    • for normal hair, as well as ringlets, medium-fat sour cream (from 15 to 25 percent) will do;
    • the most useful is homemade sour cream, not shop;
    • product should be applied to colored hair with care because of its ability to lighten them;
    • sour cream can be applied to both dirty and clean hair (the effectiveness does not change), but they should be slightly wetted;
    • on masked hair you need to wear a warm hat or towel;
    • if sour cream is applied in pure form, the mask acts for a long time, and if the product is mixed with other components, the action is limited to 20-60 minutes;
    • procedures can be carried out twice a week, but not more than 15 times in a row, then the hair will need a "rest".

    This sour-milk product extremely rarely triggers allergic reactions, which can not be said about other ingredients in the composition of masks. Therefore, to protect your body, you should conduct a "test" of the composition on the wrist, causing a small amount of it on the skin.

    Sour cream should be prepared in blenders, so that the mass was homogeneous, without lumps. The product can also be used to treat the scalp by rubbing it in with massaging movements. When mixing ingredients should not be forgotten that the composition should be easily washed off using shampoo and hot water.

    What to choose?

    Of a sufficiently large number of recipes, you should choose those that fit the specific type of hair, as well as the hair problem. For example, when slowing the growth of strands, you should mix half a cup of medium-fat sour cream with clay powder (proportions 1: 1). Next, the composition is applied over the entire length to the tips with a thorough rubbing, aged thirty minutes and washed off.

    If the hair is distinguished by poor growth or severely damaged, they need a nourishing smetana mask. It should include medium-fat home-made sour cream, olive oil and castor oil. One part of each ingredient is taken, mixed in a blender. The composition is applied to the hair along the entire length, aged for 15 minutes and washed off. After that you can enhance the effect of the balm for additional moisture.

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