• Underfloor heating: price

    Which floor is better to choose, electric or water? And what is more profitable for the price?


    As already noted, the initial investment in electric floor heating is less. The cost of further operation depends on the type of heating. If you, for example, have an electric boiler in a country house in a freestanding boiler house, water heated floors will be more profitable if the boiler is gas, then this solution is more economical. In apartment buildings with a central heating system, water heating floors are forbidden


    As far as I know, if we are talking about an apartment building, then water-heated floor is possible only on the first floor. Therefore, in the apartments do electric heated floors. if you have a private house, it all depends on the type of heating. Often, water floors are more economical.

    electric floor heating is cheaper to install, but more expensive to operate. water floor is more expensive to install, but really fits for country houses, there it is more profitable in the future and more economical, for apartments as far as I know, it is almost unreal.In the house I will do the water floor. It is better to spend more time than to throw out a lot of money on electricity

    only in the kitchen and in the hallway

    depends on the type of heating.

    I mean, electric or gas?

    Look at what kind of heating)

    It seems to me that the whole house is better off right away, it will be more reliable. I advise you to use isoroc insulation, they insulate their home, they liked it. You can read more on the site,https://isoroc-rus.ru/everything is well painted there.

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