• Trailer of the game Death Stranding with Norman Ridus

    The new game for Sony PlayStation 4 is interesting not only for avid gamers, but also for moviegoers, fans of zombie apocalypses and everything incomprehensible and supernatural, as its action takes place in a fictional upturned world, and a guy named Sam , literally sketched from the hero of the “Walking Dead” Derela (played by actor Norman Reedus).

    Publication by Hideo Kojima (@hideo_kojima)11 Jun 2018 at 8:17 PDT

    In addition to Reedus, you can see other celebrities in Death Stranding. So, Mads Mikkelsen, associated after the filming of the TV series "Hannibal" exclusively with Dr. Lecturer, will appear as an antagonist. One of the main characters will be “played” by Lea Seydou (“Hotel Grand Budapest”, “007: Spectrum”, “This is just the end of the world”) and the director of the Oscar-winning film “Form of Water” Guillermo del Toro.

    The release date for Death Stranding has not yet been announced, and fans can only wait and debate about the controversial name of the game.

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