• Toy Dog

    From fleece, you can make a new cute toy for your child. Time for its production will go a little, but the result will surely please your baby.  Toy dog ​​
    Materials: black fleece, light brown and dark brown colors, synthetic padding for filling toys, threads, needles, scissors, pattern paper, pencil, two black beads, red felt on a sticky basis, or regular red felt, a beautiful golden-colored metal button. Order of work. 1. Make a pattern on paper - draw details of the trunk, paws, head, forehead, ear. Cut all parts out of paper.
     Make a Pattern on Paper
    2. Translate the pattern of parts of the head and forehead of the doggie to a light brown fleece and cut, not forgetting to leave half a centimeter for allowances.
     Translate the pattern
     Translate pattern
    3.Sew a dog head, sew a detail of the forehead.
     Sew a dog head
    4. Tightly fill the head part with a sintepon.
     type detail
    5. Transfer to light brown fleece patterns doggie and legs. Cut two parts of the trunk and legs. Cutting must be left half a centimeter for seam allowances.
     patterns of the torso of a dog and paws
     patterns of the body of the dog and legs
    6. Sew in pairs details of the body and legs. You can stitch both on a sewing machine and manually.
     details of the body and legs
    7. Sew parts in the tummy area.
     Sew the details
    8. Sew the details of the torso with each other. In the neck area you need to leave a non-sewn hole.
     Toy Dog
    9. Unscrew the torso through an unshrinkable hole.
     Toy Dog
    10.Tightly stuff the torso of the dog with a synthetic winterizer.
     Toy Dog
    11. Manually sew the head to the body with a secret seam.
     Toy Dog
    12. To translate the detail of the abalone to light brown and dark brown fleece. Cut two ear pieces from light brown fleece and two dark brown pieces, leaving half a centimeter for seam allowances.
     toy dog ​​
    13. Add up a pair of parts from light brown fleece with dark brown fleece detail and stitch along the edge, leave a blank hole in the upper part of each ear.
     dog ears
    14. Unscrew the ears.
    dog's ears
    15. Sew up non-sutured holes on the ears with a secret seam, turning the edges inward. Fold each eyelet twice and gently sew to the head of the dog.
     dog soup
    16. Now you need to make a dog nose. From black fleece cut a circle with a diameter of 3 cm.Collect a circle around the edge on a black thread.
    17. Fill the spout with a sintepon and sew gently to the face of the dog with a secret stitch. 732-prishivaem-nos.jpg "alt =" sew the nose "title =" sew the nose "> 18. Sew black eyes beads to a dog.
     Toy dog ​​
    19. Embroider fingers with black threads on each foot.
     Toy Dog
    20. It remains to make a collar. To do this, cut out from a red felt on a sticky basis two strips 2 cm wide and 20 cm long. To glue the strips together. If you do not have felt on a sticky basis, you can cut strips from ordinary felt and sew them together. Sew a beautiful metal button in the center of the collar.
     Toy Dog
    21. Try a dog collar. If it is long, then it can be shortened. Put the doggie collar around the neck and fasten it with several stitches of red thread.
     soft toy
    Cute dog is ready.This toy will appeal to both boys and girls.
     Toy dog ​​

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