• Top 7 most budget countries for tourism

    0As often happens, you just want to sit in a cozy train or snow-white plane and fly far, far away from this hustle and bustle, dullness and frost. What to do if your hometown is so tired that you can’t see it anymore, and the dreary swamp of the routine draws you deeper? Of course, go on a trip!

    Despite the fact that most people consider traveling to be expensive, it is quite possible to rest in other parts of the budget and fun. Just a little ingenuity and excitement. Today we will talk about the most suitable countries for budget tourists.

    № 1. Abkhazia

    Abkhazia is a country with beautiful nature, combining both the sea and the mountains. Stunning beaches in Pitsunda or Gagra, a picturesque nature reserve near Lake Ritsa, as well as many ancient fortresses and mysterious caves. And what kind of view opens from the observation deck in the area of ​​Musser!

    In addition, Abkhazia has one huge advantage - it is located very close to Russia.Going to Abkhazia, be sure to check a couple of days in Sochi - you will be on the way.

    The cost of rest is quite low: a room can be rented for 500-600 rubles per day, the apartment will cost about 2000 rubles. Hotel room - from 1200 to 2000 rubles.


    № 2. Vietnam

    Exotic nature, beautiful beaches, hot climate and affordable prices - that's what awaits you in Vietnam. Explore nature reserves, imperial palaces, rice terraces, and explore surfing or scuba diving. The main thing is to plan the trip yourself, but do not buy ready-made excursions “all inclusive”, where tourists are driven primarily by expensive places. Discover another Vietnam!

    The cost of housing, depending on the location and amenities range from 700 to 3000 rubles. You can have a hearty lunch for 200-300 rubles, and a fine three-course dinner in a restaurant will cost you only 1500-2000 thousand.


    No. 3. Thailand

    Awesome place where there is a sunny atmosphere all year round. Popular resorts in Thailand attract tourists from all over the world, the locals are friendly and generous for smiles, and the head can spin for entertainment for every taste! Pattaya, Phuket, Samui - these are the hottest tourist spots of this hot country.

    The cost of housing is from 600 to 2000 rubles, depending on convenience and proximity to the sea, lunch for two will cost about 300-400 rubles, and dinner at a restaurant - about 1000-1500 rubles.


    No. 4. Indonesia

    Indonesia - is about 17 thousand islands, most of them are uninhabited. This is a fantastic country, resembling a completely different reality, in which the kingdom of nature is not disturbed by the presence of man. Virgin beaches, volcanoes and impassable jungle. Transparent waters, where you can easily swim with sea turtles, as well as amazing temples, in which you completely forget about the passage of time. Yes, the way to Indonesia is not long, but it is definitely worth it.

    Accommodation in this country will cost from 500 to 3000 rubles, you can have a hearty dinner for only 300 rubles, and a fine dinner in a restaurant will cost you only 600-1200 rubles.


    № 5. Georgia

    A majestic and proud mountainous country is a real pearl for a budget tourist. The sea, stunning monasteries and cave cities will not leave you indifferent. In addition, Georgia is a surprisingly spiritual country, and if you have no friends in it, you will gain them very quickly. The famous Georgian cuisine and amazing local wines deserve special mention.

    Comfortable housing will cost about 2000-3000 rubles, and a hearty dinner, on average, from 500 to 1000 rubles.

    Church on high mountain

    № 6. India

    An incredible country with its own unlikely culture. Her bustling, colorful and rich life for a long time you will dream in beautiful bright dreams. With your own eyes, see the majestic Taj Mahal, stroll through the narrow streets of Delhi, visit the City of the Dead Varanasi, relax on the white beaches of Goa - this is what everyone should do in their life at least once.

    The average cost of housing from 800 to 1500 rubles, lunch for two - about 350 rubles, and dinner at the restaurant - about 1500 rubles.


    № 7. Serbia

    Serbia is attractive for its close location and stunning scenery. Local monasteries and fortresses look majestic and impregnable, and the mountains and lakes are untouched by man.

    The cost of housing in this country will be from 600 to 1,500 rubles, lunch for two is about 700 rubles, and the restaurant dinner is about 1,500 rubles.



    It was the top 7 most budgetary countries for recreation. Well, it sounds tempting? Then do not wait for a more suitable time and occasion, buy tickets and enjoy a wonderful vacation!

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