• Top 35 useful and stylish items for a picnic

    The editors of Woman's Day have chosen the brightest, and most importantly, inexpensive picnic items: blankets and pillows, bags and backpacks, thermoses and bowls, folding chairs and umbrellas, and much, much more.

    Blankets, blankets and pillows

    What to take on a picnic
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    In order for a trip to nature to succeed one hundred percent, it is important not to forget anything and to foresee everything. First of all, decide on a place. Think about what you want to get from the rest: if you have fun and entertainment, choose noisy and crowded beaches; and if solitude and peace, then vice versa.

    Also decide what you will do at a picnic: play volleyball or board games, play a kite or a flying saucer, or maybe read a book or listen to music?

    Then think carefully about what you will eat. Make a list of necessary products, and the best recipes for kebabs and snacks, see our special rubric “Everything for a picnic”.

    And finally, prepare all the necessary things for a picnic. The most beautiful rugs, blankets, bags and baskets for food, dishes, folding chairs and other interesting accessories - see our selection below.

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