• Top 10 worst films of 2011-2012

    If you like "horror films", but surely reviewed a lot of films of this genre. And if some of them have banal and beaten plots, others definitely deserve your attention.

    We offer you the top 10 worst horror movies of 2011-2012:

    1. "Sinister". The protagonist of the film - the writer-detective. Together with his wife and two children, he moved to a small town and settled in a house where terrible events happened just a year ago - the murder of all tenants who were members of the same family.

    Many dissuade the writer from such a thoughtless undertaking, but he wants to study the crime scene as best as possible, being right in the center of the events that occurred here. Suddenly, the writer finds a box in which he finds amateur records. On one of the films, the hero sees footage of the murder that occurred in the house.


    Other tapes also kept a lot of secrets, so, after reviewing them, the writer saw scenes of other murders that occurred at different times and in different places.The detective begins to investigate and build a chain of events, but something strange is starting to happen in the house.

    The hero's son has nightmares, and his daughter draws on the school blackboard pictures of crimes from video recordings that the writer did not show to anyone. Can the main character defeat the evil that accidentally woke up?

    2. "Ghost House". All the events of this film unfold in the mansion Glen-Manor, which is located in the misty mountains and harbors a lot of mysterious and interesting. Last year something happened here that in the present causes the ghosts to regularly visit this huge house.


    The main character Rehan must complete the sale of the mansion, initiated by his father. He comes to the house to put things in order, but he understands that the estate is owned by some incomprehensible and mysterious force that can interfere with the deal. Rehan is determined and starts an investigation to find out all the secrets of an abandoned mansion.

    He finally reveals the secret, but suddenly falls in love. Now the sale of the house fades into the background, and Rehan seeks to save the one that is no longer in the world. The mansion, from which quite recently the hero wanted to get rid of, turns into the biggest problem in his life. Will he be able to find a way out, or will the mysterious forces win?

    3"The house at the end of the street". Listing the most interesting and terrible movies, you can not forget about this picture. In the story, the main character Sarah has just recently experienced a difficult break with her husband and decides to start a new life by moving with her daughter Elissa to a small provincial town.

    House at the end of the street

    It would seem that in this cozy and quiet place the family will be able to start a new life, because nothing foreshadows trouble. But suddenly Elissa and Sarah find out that a violent and terrifying crime was committed in the next house.

    It turns out that a few years ago, a young girl Carrie Ann dealt with her parents, but for some reason left her brother Ryan alive, and he still continues to live in a house whose walls keep the secrets of murder. The killer herself disappeared without a trace and went unpunished.

    It seems that everyone has forgotten about the story, and Ryan is quite a nice young man. He begins to communicate with Elissa, but the further this communication goes, the more the girl has doubts that all the worst things are already in the past.

    4. “Kassadaga”. Kassadaga is a small town in Florida. Its population is only 200 people, and most of the inhabitants have unique abilities that allow them to communicate with the souls of the dead and communicate with them.The main character Lily is in deep depression because of the death of her sister Michelle. The girl feels lonely, forgotten and useless.


    She decides to move and settles in Kassadag. Soon, Lily meets a nice guy Mike and learns that the town residents can get in touch with the dead. The girl decides to summon the spirit of her sister and goes to a seance.

    But such jokes with the souls of the dead in most cases lead to serious consequences, because the inhabitants of the other world do not like to be disturbed, even if they are made by relatives and close people. But, unfortunately, Lily did not know about this and did not think about the consequences, for which she paid.

    5. "Silent Hill 2". After the events of the first film, Rose Da Silva sends her adopted daughter Sharon to her husband, Christopher, but she herself remains in a hazy world. In the new film, Sharon and Christopher live under the names Heather and Harry. The girl is constantly tormented by nightmares, she and her dad are constantly changing their place of residence in order to try to forget about what happened in the past.

    Silent Hill 2

    On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Heather realizes that he will finally be able to start a new and peaceful life.But suddenly the girl finds out that her father, Harry, has disappeared. She does not understand anything and does not know where to look for her father. But at home she finds a clue - the inscription on the wall "Go to Silent Hill."

    And although this place is frightening and makes you feel a chilling fear, Heather is forced not only to forget about her fears, but also to save her father, and also to get rid of the demon who tormented her all these years.

    6. «11-11-11»also included in the list, as it makes viewers to remain in suspense while watching. The protagonist is a writer of novels with famously twisted plots of Joseph Kron. The man loses the child and wife due to an accident and decides to go to Spain, where his dying father Richard and brother Samuel live.


    Joseph suddenly begins to notice that all the events of his life are somehow connected with the number 11. In addition, people are dying all over the world under mysterious circumstances. Kron himself is an atheist who does not believe in God and everything connected with him.

    But Joseph is being tormented by nightmares that make him turn to religion. It turns out that on November 11, 2011, that is, on November 11, 2011, events will occur, information about which is encoded in the holy books of different religions.And the strange deaths are the work of the black sect. But Krona has yet to uncover many more secrets.

    7. "Paranormal Activity 4". The film's actions unfold five years after the events that took place in the second part. Five years ago, Cathy killed her sister Christie and her husband Daniel. Son of Hunter's sister, she kidnapped and called Robbie. Together with him, Cathy settled in a small town. In the neighborhood lives a young girl Alex together with her parents.

    Paranormal Activity 4

    Everything is calm and quiet in this family, but soon Alex notices that something strange is starting to happen. And she connects these mysterious and mysterious events with the arrival of Katie and Robbie. Rumors begin to ring in the house, objects move. Alex asks his friend Ben to place the cameras everywhere to find out what is going on. But how to find what really is not in real life?

    8. "Something". In the eternal ice of Antarctica, many secrets are kept, and some of them gradually begin to unfold. A group of polar explorers conducting research on Arctic ice, near the scientific station, find something. It looks like a spaceship whose origin is unknown.


    In the ship, researchers find a creature that came to Earth presumably from space. Scientists are going to start an investigation and take a piece of cloth of the one who was found in the ship. But the heat does its job, and polar explorers understand that curiosity has played a cruel joke with them.

    9. "The Rite". Listing movies that are worth seeing, you should pay attention to this picture, whose plot, by the way, is based on real events. The self-confident and young student of the theological seminary, Michael Kovak, is sent to the Vatican to study at the school of exorcism and refute the existence of otherworldly forces.

    Rite of passage

    In Rome, he meets his father Lucas, who tells him something that Michael simply can not believe, because he is a skeptic. The guy is trying to understand the history of the woman, allegedly obsessed with evil spirits. He doubts obsession, but he soon learns that evil does exist.

    10. "Hidden". In the story, a group of adolescents goes to a house where there was once a rehabilitation center designed for people suffering from serious addictions.


    Doctors conducted experiments on patients, as a result of which the vices did not disappear, but simply found new victims. All of them are filled with hatred and a desire to avenge the torment.And one of the adolescents is associated with the experiences that once conducted over the patients of the clinic.

    These were the worst films. And you sat down to see them?

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