• Top 10 most fashionable stars of Russia (10 photos)

    As you know, there are no flawless people, all of them make mistakes, the same concerns periodic fashion failures, which, unfortunately, Russian celebrities meet more often than we would like.

    However, among the Russian beau monde, a strong dozen mods clearly stand out, which almost always manage to look stylish and tasteful, they always keep pace with the times, they do not get tired of being equal to the others, trying, at least a step closer to the generally accepted beauty.

    These people do not get tired of admiring, and some of them even maintain their own pages on the Internet with daily updated bows and, believe me, there are many admirers and followers.

    You are probably interested to know who is in the top 10 of the most stylish and sophisticated stars in Russia? Then hurry, we reveal to you all the secrets of fashion victories of representatives of the domestic show business.

    1. Ksenia Sobchak

    The scandalous past and rather violent youth did not prevent Xenia, as a result, turn into one of the most stylish and recognizable celebrities of Russia.Today, this is a well-known TV presenter, the chief editor of a fashion magazine and a real style icon for the army of her fans, which has repeatedly settled on the covers of popular glossy magazines.

    Ksenia Sobchak

    From the old Ksenia Sobchak, which caused a ton of resentment among ordinary people, there is no trace left, because now the 31-year-old presenter has not only built a successful career and even got a happy family, she even holds master classes in which she reveals the secrets of real success.

    Today, the female half of the population with lust eyeing the next exit of Ksenia Sobchak in the light, because it is always fashionable, bright and immaculate.

    2. Victoria Ooh!

    The former participant of the scandalous project “House-2” today at the top of the fashionable Olympus, in her images there is an ideal sense of beauty, which is perfectly combined with all the novelties of the fashion world. After Victoria left the mentioned project, she turned into a caring spouse and happy mother, moved to live in Monaco and, at the same time, continued to act for the benefit of Russian television.

    Victoria Bonya

    They say that the once frank outfits were replaced by more restrained and elegant precisely because of her relocation abroad, as well as the advice of her husband Alex, who never understood the excessive pretentiousness,which is so characteristic of Russian women. Today Victoria has managed to become a real European beauty with a touch of nobility and expensive gloss.

    3. Elizabeth Boyarskaya

    The famous Russian actress, the daughter of a no less famous film actor, a happy young wife and mother - all the regalia of the beautiful Elizabeth can be listed for a long time, because this girl has already managed to achieve something in her life.

    But you can not ignore the fact that the actress has repeatedly got into the ratings of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities of the domestic beau monde, although, according to Elizabeth herself, she never tried to, because she, in addition to fashion, always had many other concerns.

    Elizaveta Boyarskaya

    However, whether it is in the innate sense of taste, or in a successful designer, Boyarskaya, together with her husband Maxim Matveyev, have long been headed by fashionable ratings.

    4. Zhanna Friske

    This songbird had enough ups and downs: most of her costumes could easily be in the ranking of the most tasteless outfits, however, in the life of the beautiful Jeanne things are different. Jeanne's everyday style is always refined, feminine and very elegant.

    Zhanna Friske

    And when the singer began to meet with the famous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, her wardrobe was also replenished with a large number of reserved and elegant costumes that gave their owner a special charm.

    5. Vera Brezhnev

    This famous singer and actress, more often than others, comes across in the ratings of the most beautiful people, and the majority opinion is based not only on her external data, but also on the ability to wear even the simplest clothes with special notes of beauty and elegance. This girl is called ideal always and everywhere, it does not matter whether it was access to the red carpet or to the store for buns.

    Vera Brezhneva

    6. Yulya Savicheva

    Once upon a time, when Julia was one of the participants in the popular TV show “Star Factory”, it was difficult to rank her among the top ten, because stretched T-shirts and a minimum of makeup, whatever one may say, do not add attractiveness to a young girl.

    Yulya Savicheva

    Just a few years have passed - and everything has changed, today Julia inspires her fans with romantic and elegant dresses, clever hair styles and accessories, as well as seductive fashion shoes, always with high heels.

    7. Natalia Vodianova

    The famous Russian supermodel of world importance, which worked on the most famous catwalks of the world, appeared on numerous covers of glossy magazines, including Vogue and Marie Claire, has already managed to get friends with most of the world-famous designers, raised her own model business, and this is not the whole list of all her achievements!

    Natalya Vodyanova

    Such a lady, just by definition, can not dress tastelessly. So it is, Natalia prefers romantic and often modest outfits, though, always from expensive brands that look perfect on her ideal figure.

    8. Polina Gagarina

    This girl, by right, is considered persistent and focused: after a successful weight loss, Polina managed to finally decide on her style in clothes, which, it should be noted, deserves praise and compliments.

    Polina Gagarina

    In her arsenal there is a huge amount of bright red dresses, narrowed and rather frank, which Polina combines with great skill in sophisticated and very stylish images.

    9. Olga Buzova

    A popular Russian TV presenter, magazine editor, actress, and also a designer of her own clothing line, who has achieved considerable heights in the world of national fashion.

    Olga Buzova

    Olga herself prefers her own production of clothes, skillfully combines it with exclusive accessories, and lays out new bows in social networks, where they will get whole waves of approval and adoration, especially among the younger generation. In the image of Olga, you can always follow the latest trends in the fashion world, and, not least, this girl always has everything in moderation.

    10. Sati Casanova

    It is difficult to call Sati Casanova an ordinary one, because she always favorably differed from her colleagues, both in the group and in the whole in the world of show business.

    Sati Casanova

    The girl should be given her due - she skillfully uses her natural data, combining them with luxurious dresses, and it doesn't matter if it is an expensive dress from a famous designer, or simple skinny jeans with a fur vest - all with taste and a sense of beauty.

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