• Top 10 best liquid submarines in 2016

    To emphasize the eyes and make the look more expressive, many girls use liquid eyeliners. But it is important to choose a quality one in order to achieve the best results. And what means exactly deserve attention?

    So, the top 10 best, high-quality and excellent liquid eyeliner in 2016:

    1. "Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16h". According to the manufacturers, this tool will allow you to enjoy flawless makeup for 16 hours, and it is really resistant. Another advantage is the ease of application. The brush is soft and very thin, so that the contours are perfect. In addition, there are no prints and traces where they should not be, the composition does not spread even in hot summer time. There are three colors available: classic black, brown, and ultra black. The arrows are matte, and even a beginner can cope with their creation, because the use is simple and more than comfortable. Consumption economical, the price is quite acceptable.
    2. "Maybelline Liner Express". Manufacturers promise expressive lines and clear contours in just one application. And reviews prove that this is true. The applicator is unique: its porous structure allows you to make the application clear, uniform and accurate, and literally in one motion. The product dries quickly, leaves no residue, does not spread and is not erased. And persistence persists throughout the day, so you do not have to constantly look in the mirror and adjust your makeup.
    3. "Vivienne Sabo Charbon". This liquid eyeliner falls into the budget category, but in terms of quality, it is in no way inferior to the “luxury” one. Immediately it is worth noting that it will be enough for a long time, because the volume of the bottle is as much as 6 milliliters, so you can safely use the tool every day, without fear that it will end. The applicator is very user-friendly and ultra-precise, which allows the arrows to be thin, expressive and accurate, emphasizing the playfulness and romance of the image. The texture is quite dense, but pleasant, so the lines are clear. Also worth noting and resistance: your arrows will remain the same as after application, under any circumstances.
    4. "Artdeco Liquid Star Liner".Separately it is necessary to tell about the applicator, because the result largely depends on it. This tool is elastic and soft, and its special texture allows you to easily draw clear lines even in one touch, and they do not have to be corrected (such a problem is familiar to many and is often found). The texture is dense, and it provides maximum resistance to eye makeup. The product is stable even against rubbing and exposure to water. Hue does not fade and retains saturation, giving confidence in the flawlessness of make-up. Pleases and the composition, in which there is no paraffin, perfumes and mineral oils. And thanks to this tool is suitable even for girls with sensitive eyelid skin. There are several colors available: both classic and more interesting.
    5. Chanel Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner. If you are accustomed to luxury cosmetics, then this tool will definitely suit you and will certainly please with its quality, once again confirming the reputation of the manufacturer. Fluid texture, incredibly light, which makes the composition on the eyelids almost weightless and allows you to avoid the feeling of heaviness or tightness. Comfortable and application, because the applicator tip is flexible and very thin, so that the arrows from the first time will be perfect. The lines are clear, regular, accurate and, very important, persistent.After applying the eyeliner does not spread and is not erased, during the day retains the original qualities. And since the drug is enclosed in a closed capsule, you can not worry about the fact that it can dry out. It is available in four colors: blue, black, copper and brown.
    6. "L’ Oreal Paris Liner Resist ". The unique complex of active components developed in the laboratories of the French cosmetics company L'Oreal provides an incredibly light texture, thanks to which the composition lays on the skin quickly, almost instantly dries out and ensures the clarity of lines throughout the day. The tool is waterproof, so the vagaries of nature like rain or snow can not be afraid. The applicator is comfortable, it does not damage the delicate skin of the eyelids. A special formula of the composition is suitable even if you have sensitive eyelids, or you wear contact lenses.
    7. "Style Liner" from "Dior"- this is another stable and easy to use liquid eyeliner. The brush easily slides over the skin of the eyelids and allows you to quickly create perfect arrows without much effort. The color is very saturated, so be prepared for the fact that your expressive look will attract attention.The texture is very light, so that the tool dries quickly and does not smear. If you lead an active lifestyle and are not used to wasting time in vain, then you will definitely like this option.
    8. “Eyeliner Moire” from “YSL”. This eyeliner is suitable for special occasions, as with her makeup will turn out bright and festive. And all thanks to the elegant diamond glitter, which favorably emphasizes the look and transforms it. The brush is so comfortable that it can be used to control and change both the thickness of the lines and the intensity of the color. By the way, tone deserve special attention. There are several of them and among them there are unusual, for example, blue, green. But the classic ones are also available.
    9. "Art-Visage Liquid eyeliner intense"- a pretty popular among the youth of the eyeliner. The applicator is made of felt, so it is very soft, but at the same time dense, and this ensures a perfect application. No prints and traces, the contours are neat. It contains not only saturated pigments, but also useful and nutritious components: cell regenerating and moisturizing D-panthenol, fixing extract of senegalese acacia and preventing the appearance of irritation allantoin.The shades are various: black, pearl blue, gray, brown.
    10. "Liner Design" from "Lancome". If you have a soft, thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids, then with this eyeliner you can not be afraid that there will be irritation. The applicator is sponge and incredibly soft, it does not damage the skin, but provides uniform and precise application, leaving clear lines. At the height and stamina, so makeup will be preserved even after all day, and active. The cost is higher than average, but it remains available, especially given the manufacturer's reputation.
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