• Tom Hardy turns into a monster in the Venom trailer

    Fans of the Marvel Comic Universe are especially eagerly awaiting the release of the film Venom (the famous anti-hero who first appeared on the pages of the comic book about Spider-Man in 1988). This can be seen in the number of views from the six zeros that accompany each new teaser and movie trailer. Last week there were rumors that the stranger, who moved into the reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), we will not wait in the film. No one saw Tom Hardy in a suit of an ominous alien symbiome (special attire to capture the movements, on the basis of which then create special effects), so versions were put forward that we are waiting for extremely subtle hints of a ruthless monster in the form of black veins on the hero's body. And the rumors, we hasten to notice, were not confirmed! At the very end of the new trailer we can see Spider-Man's nightmare in all its glory.

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