• To dream that you cut your hair

    Why dream of trimming hair? According to the interpreter, the dream foreshadows problems with finances. Your hair is cut by a familiar or close person - expect pleasant surprises, an exciting trip.

    French dream book

    Trimming hair in a dream is an excellent omen. To cut long hair - good news will overtake you, to cut short hair - you will receive a reward, a surprise. Trim a long braid - go on a long journey. To cut oneself or loved ones - to failure, ailment. A person close and dear to you will commit a treacherous act. Seeing yourself bald - to radical change.

    Dream Miller

    What the dream interprets with circumcision of hair, prompted Millerovo interpreter. The sign is disappointing. I dream that I cut my hair off - wait for the unpleasant news. Also, you yourself will be the culprit of their problems, upset the long trip. For applicants such a dream means failure at the entrance examinations to the university.Haircut - to the ill-wishers who are ready to take away from you everything that has been saved up, to ruin the business. Seeing how a person is cutting hair is a danger. You should be careful in your statements, do not talk too much, do not show off your material wealth. Hair falls out - trouble, misfortune.

    Dream Vanga

    To cut off long braids - to losses, both in personal life and in finance. Seeing yourself with a short haircut should prepare for changes in life, both for good and for bad.

    Female dream book

    Shave hair to someone - to the bad news, unhappiness. If at this time you have close relatives near you, then you will be able to survive all problems with perseverance.

    Russian dream book

    Dream interpretation treats such a dream, a good sign. Trim the hair - you can prove to your loved ones that they are able to achieve their goal. Thanks to your prudence, restraint, you will be able to bypass all sharp corners and successfully complete the intended, all problems, troubles will go into the past.

    Grandma's dream book

    Trim hair in a dream - to get rid of the hassle and problems, the solution to all urgent problems. Such a dream suggests that a person can himself coordinate the course of his destiny, influence the future, and dreams can only warn of danger, blunders.Short hair - to prosperity, to be bald in a dream - to changes in life, renewal of life.

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