• Tip 4: How to find out which codec is needed

    You will need
    • - DivX codec;
    • - video;
    • - the program Canopus ProCoder.
    To compress video using the DivX codec, you can use the Canopus ProCoder program. Download the file for processing by clicking the Add button in the Source tab.
    Switch to the Target tab to set the desired compression options. If you do not yet have a file to process, you can go to the compression settings after opening the program.
    Use the Add button to display a list of available formats and presets. With the System group selected, select the DivX Target option in it. To access the expanded codec settings, click the Advanced button.
    You can select one of the profiles from the Profiles drop-down list to get a file suitable for playback using a home theater or handheld device. If required, you can change the parameters included in the profile as desired.
    Specify frame sizes and aspect ratios in the Width, Height, and Aspect Ratio fields.For correct playback of DivX-processed video, the height and width of the frame must be a multiple of sixteen. If you are not going to change the original frame size, set these fields to values ​​taken from similar fields in the Source tab.
    Select the number of passes from the Variable Bitrate list when encoding a video. The 1-pass mode should be used if you need to reduce file processing time. The 1-pass quality based mode allows controlling the degree of frame compression with the same single-pass encoding. To do this, you need to adjust the Quantizer parameter, telling the program how much it can ignore image details during compression.
    Selecting the multi-pass mode will increase the video processing time, but allow the program to pre-analyze the file on the first pass, which will allow you to get a smaller movie while maintaining quality.
    Setting the parameter Quality Video allows you to control the quality of the image and the speed of its processing. The Minimum quality option allows you to quickly compress the file, which will suffer quality, the High quality option will take more time to process, but the image will suffer less during compression.
    Adjust the Max keyframe interval, indicating the number of intermediate frames between two key frames.If the file being processed consists of a large number of fixed scenes, you can increase the value of this parameter. To correctly compress dynamic video, you will need to reduce this value.
    If the file you are processing contains scenes with a small amount of light, you can use the Use Psychvisual Enhancements option by ticking the check box. When compressing an image, this will allow the program to ignore details in the shaded areas of the image, as a result of which the weight of the resulting file will decrease.
    To save the settings as a preset, click the Save Preset button.

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