• Tip 2: Argentine tango as a simulator for the mind and intuition

    First of all, it should be noted that the Argentine tango is based on improvisation. Of course, there are staged performances that are worked out and rehearsed in advance, but by itself pure dance always comes as a surprise, not only to the audience, but even to the dancers themselves.

    Proper improvisation and the ability to quickly respond to the movements of a partner, without spoiling the dance, require serious mental activity. At the same time, it is important to learn how to combine the work of consciousness and the subconscious: remember the dance figures and basic movements, instantly select the most appropriate among them at the moment, pay attention to all signals that the partner gives.

    Of course, it is very important to use the mind and mind while learning movements and dance, but you will not manage without intuition. During a passionate, impetuous dance, there are simply no extra seconds to think about each next movement.This means that you need to instantly choose the most suitable of all the options, using your intuition and ability to improvise.

    Consciousness, which stores all movements, must be combined with the subconscious. By making them work together, you create a unique, beautiful dance and at the same time develop your mind, make your brain and intuition work. After the trainings, you will notice that your attitude towards dance and business issues is gradually changing, and you become much more adept in both.

    During a performance on the dance floor, a dancer must record many things at the same time, not allowing foreign objects and thoughts to distract him. He watches the music, movements of the partner, calculates the space, determines the location of other dancers, so as not to bump into them. His brain works in several directions at once, quickly finding the most important and concentrating on it.

    At first, this, of course, causes some difficulties: it can be difficult for newcomers to keep an eye on everything and not be distracted. However, shortly after you started practicing Argentine tango, you will already notice that you have begun to move much more confidently, and the number of errors has decreased.

    Having opened up to the world of dance, you will learn how to apply these skills in your business.You will become a more observant person, learn to concentrate on important points, not be distracted by what does not matter, and quickly make decisions using both consciousness and intuition. Such skills are very useful both during work on important projects and during business negotiations. Finally, they will help you save a lot of time, identify tasks correctly and concentrate on their implementation without wasting precious minutes.

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