• Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    This year, the fashion imperceptibly, but radically changed. Became more relaxed, eclectic, close to people. Now it’s not we who become hostages of things and try to conform to them (although no one has canceled a healthy lifestyle), but they become an addition to our everyday life. What finally went out of fashion this year - in our review.

    Sexy dresses

    Bandages and seductive cuts, as in the clips of R’n’B performers, remain in the past. In the trend of naturalness, freedom and oversight. Instead of seductive styles, emphasizing all the curves of the figure, in the trend of the dress-tunic and A-silhouette models. The entire emphasis on the texture of fabric and color, the rest - the nuances.

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    Tights basic colors

    Whether we like it or not, in the winter tights appear in our wardrobe. Warm, maximum density, most likely black. Year after year the same thing, tired! This year, warm tights were released in a variety of colors: there are classic gray and pink, and even with a metallic sheen.Let every day be like a holiday, because the whole thing is in the details.

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    Skinny jeans

    Covering the world of fashion, the wave of body positivism left no chance for trousers and jeans with a low waist and skinny. They just vanished into oblivion (although you can still meet skinnies, but these will already be fantasy variants). On the contrary, palazzo trousers, culottes, wide and flared, became fashionable - in a word, something that does not fit the body like a second skin and does not emphasize all the nuances of the figure. And it pleases: we can afford the extra cake.

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    Knee-high boots

    In the fashion boots (classic suede or with a wide beveled accordion - choose which ones like best), and from other models below the knees, you can safely vacate the mezzanine. Here's the paradox: while we, the girls, are racking our brains, where to buy such boots, like Rihanna's, men fiercely hate this shoe. For them, the boots are the height of tastelessness. Apparently, the heroine Julia Roberts from “Pretty Woman” has sunk into their souls, but we will not listen to them!

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    High heel and platform

    Have you already noticed how high heels gradually go out of fashion? Blame the normcore and the rise of feminism. Girls got the right to dress comfortably (yes, even sneakers for evening dresses or business suits) and the way they want it, not to others or men.As a result, high heels gradually went out of fashion (they are uncomfortable in the subway, it is inconvenient to walk from a parked car to a business center, and such shoes are quickly rubbed by legs). A steady and relatively low heel entered the fashion, which visually makes us slimmer, but does not cause discomfort.

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

    Clutch bag

    Everyday clutches somehow quietly went out of fashion, the evening clutches are still afloat, but we already have a worthy replacement. Let's be honest: this trend was clearly not for everyone. A bag without a handle is not the best solution for those who travel by public transport, and at the party you do not know where to put such an accessory (although there is a clear plus - there is something to do with your hands). Every day clutches were replaced by bags on the belt. There was an alternative for the evening too - these are theatrical purses, purses or mini-bags with a strap.

    Things that went out of fashion in 2017

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