• The sun is all good and harm for man

    Particularly thoroughly, the theory of solar therapy began to develop in the nineteenth century. Researchers began to carefully study the effects of sun exposure on humans. The conclusions about such therapy turned out to be positive, it allowed including geleotherapy in a number of different methods of treatment of diseases.

    The fact is that ultraviolet radiation activates the production of biologically active substances in the human body. In addition, improved metabolic processes, increases immunity. Another undoubted advantage is that sunlight causes the formation of vitamin D. It is found in the secretion of the sebaceous gland and promotes the absorption of calcium from the intestine, which is necessary for the bone tissue of the human body.

    Ultraviolet radiation causes pronounced chemical changes in the body. Due to the regular consumption of sunlight, the human epidermis thickens, it accumulates melanin.Due to this, the protective properties of the skin are enhanced. From all of the above, we can conclude that the sun helps the human body, activates its many positive functions. However, despite all the positive qualities of heliotherapy, there are a number of contraindications. For health benefits in the sun can be from ten to twenty minutes a day, while you need to take into account the region of the terrain, sun activity and tanning time. Improper actions can lead to consequences such as biodoz.

    This is the solar radiation that causes a light burn on the human skin. This fact should not be underestimated. Sunburns provoke skin cancers. It is worth paying special attention to birthmarks and moles. Birthmarks and spots, which are prone to growth, should be blocked from being hit by ultraviolet radiation.

    Use the energy of the sun must be wisely. With the right approach, it can deliver a lot of useful things, and if excessively exposed to the sun, can lead to sad consequences.

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