• The secret of the happiest nation: the Finns told about the phenomenon of SISU

    According to a study by The World Happiness Report, the Finns became the happiest nation in 2018. There, it is really accepted at the state level to carefully take care of the well-being of citizens, the organization of leisure for retirees and good conditions for private entrepreneurs.


    But let us remember the history of Finland - even a century ago it was one of the poorest countries in Europe. How did you manage to raise from your knees in such a short time and lead the “top of happiness”?

    The secret is simple, and any counter Finn can reveal it. For a hundred years, the inhabitants of the country managed to develop one character trait, which has now become national. It is called SISU and is practically not translated into Russian. This quality symbolizes perseverance. Finns bring every case to the end and, moreover, to the result. Consequently, SISU teaches to go ahead to its goal, be it study, career, sport, hobbies, and even just family. Yes, and in a family it is necessary to achieve goals.


    Photo source: pixabay.com

    SISU also teaches to treat obstacles with optimism. If many other nations in an attempt to succeed are accustomed to “whining” about difficulties, then they only harden and provoke the Finns. Consequently, a victory, no matter how small, will be much sweeter at times.

    Researchers attribute the birth of SISU to the fact that the Scandinavian peoples had to live in cold conditions and in a relatively small area. “Courage, courage and resilience” are the three components of SISU and the success of the Finns.

    Many, probably, will think ... It turns out that happiness is not at all not to have difficulties, but to perceive them as a pleasant fight with ourselves? Exactly!

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