• The perfect woman through the eyes of men. The image of the perfect woman

    The perfect woman through the eyes of men. The image of the perfect woman

    The perfect woman through the eyes of men. The image of the perfect woman

    What is the perfect woman through the eyes of men? With which woman will he want to live his whole life, and will not look for fun one night? What is the image of an ideal woman: appearance, figure, clothes, universal and spiritual qualities that she should possess, education and upbringing, behavior in bed. What is important for a man in a woman?


    It may seem untrue, but men are looking for love. But love in the understanding of man is something else that a woman has. In the female sense love is equated with love. A girl often has a minute to fall in love. You only need to remember how this process goes on for you. After all, this is really a quick process. Isn't that right? The guy will need several months for this while he can understand his feelings with his mind, and before that he will play in love.In the article, how to understand that a guy wants only sex, we have already raised the question that men and women fall in love in completely different ways. A man can say exactly what qualities he loved. In ancient wisdom, which is known from the time of the Kama Sutra, it is said that a person has three attractions: the soul, mind and body. The combination of these attractions is love. In relation to men, this is a perfectly true statement. What should be the ideal woman that a man will love for a lifetime. Is it possible to calculate some formula of the ideal woman.


    The formula of the perfect woman is well known to everyone. As the famous classic said, "The ideal woman should be a mistress in the living room and a courtesan in bed." At first glance, this statement is absolutely correct, but we will nevertheless consider it in more detail.


    The qualities of the perfect woman



    It should be noted that in the representation of a man about an ideal woman there is no appearance. Naturally the physical data, shape, appearance, legs matter, but this is not the most important thing for a man. This is not the primary requirements. For them, the wrapper and the contents are not the same.They can peck on the wrapper, but they will look for the content that we derived in the formula.

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