• The main problems that a woman may face after giving birth

    The carrying and birth of a child is a beautiful and very important period in the life of any woman, because the appearance of a baby into the world is a natural phenomenon and even necessary for a female body.

    But after childbirth, of course, the body has a hard time, the process of recovery and adaptation to new conditions is rather difficult, but, very importantly, it can be overcome and is facilitated if it is approached not as a fatal problem, but as another normal one. and the passing stage of your life.

    Many people face such troubles.

    In the first few weeks after giving birth, some moments arise that the female body has not yet experienced, many fears and complexes appear, most of them unfounded and completely solvable.

    We will try to understand most of them, to explain to lovely ladies how to behave in order to cope with their fears and physiological problems.

    The fact that the birth of your own baby will turn your whole habit and lifestyle on its head is no secret to anyone.

    Problems after childbirth in most women are most often associated with psychological moments that are not so easy to cope with, especially on their own.

    Someone is immersed in postpartum depression, someone finds many shortcomings of his new figure, which, of course, will change after giving birth, well, someone is justified, suffers from physiological problems, which, by the way, are sometimes much easier to fight. than with psychological. So, let's understand the main points that can complicate the life of the newly-made mommy.

    The main problems after childbirth

    With what only young mothers do not have to face after childbirth: problems with the breast, skin, back, memory lapses, problems with the chair, pain and constant fatigue. But all this is realistic to overcome, the main thing is to set yourself up in a positive way.

    Bad memory - we'll get a notebook and write down all the important things, and this, by the way, is normal, she recovers, just during pregnancy and after childbirth, the hormonal background of a woman changes a lot, which leads to the most unexpected moments. So, everything separately.


    Here there are several problems: the first is the prevailing opinion that if “I have a small breast”, then she will not need to be fed, because it will not work, there will be little milk, the baby will not be able to eat enough, and so on. All this is very common nonsense, which even do not need to listen.

    The doctor will help solve problems

    It happens that the breast is big, but there is no milk, and, on the contrary, the breast is small, and there is plenty of milk. Problem number two - in the first couple of days after birth there is no milk. And is this a problem? This is normal!

    In the first 2-4 days, colostrum is allocated, which is small, but it is several times more nutritious than normal milk, so the baby gains in full. The main thing is to constantly put the baby to the chest, and then in the future you will have no problems with it.

    Blood discharge from the vagina

    In the first few weeks after childbirth - it is absolutely normal phenomenon, which is associated with the restoration of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which is slightly affected during the gestation of the baby or after his birth.

    The most abundant discharge - the first three days after birth, but at this time you are under the supervision of a physician. In the next 4-5 weeks, spotting will resemble the usual first days of menstruation, they can have a rather dark color, come out with clots.Seek medical attention only if the discharge becomes too heavy and bright red.

    The main thing is not to withdraw into yourself

    In the first days after birth, severe pain in the lower abdomen, sharp, resembling contractions can be observed. Do not worry, this is quite a normal phenomenon, indicating a contraction of the uterus and its return to the previous form. Often, such pains may occur during lactation, 5-7 days after birth, the pain should disappear.

    Problems with stool and constipation after childbirth

    As soon as the baby was born, the stomach begins to get used to its new state, because during pregnancy it was tightly compressed, which could cause poor food permeability and constipation. That is why most women in labor several hours before giving birth are offered an enema to avoid involuntary emissions during the birth of the baby.

    If this is so, then in the first few days after giving birth the chair of the young mother may be absent, if there was no enema, then the intestine begins to function in the first day. If it has been about 6 days, and the chair has not returned to normal, then you should consult a doctor.Usually, in such cases, an enema is made.

    The main thing is to restore normal functioning in the postpartum period, for this it is important to eat right - eat those fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and relieve from problems with the chair.

    It is important that these products do not harm the baby, because almost all young mothers breastfeed the baby. These universal products include pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, boiled carrots and beets, pears, apples, bananas, cherries or gooseberries.

    Also, the work of the intestine favorably affects prunes, sunflower or olive oil, which should be consumed 1 tablespoon per day.

    Problems with husband after childbirth: lack of sex and attention

    A few weeks after the birth of a child, you have been home for a long time, surrounded your baby with care and attention, and everything seems to be good, but it’s time to remember about your marital duties, which, quite possibly, now are not at all joyful.

    Intimate life through time will be improved

    Most often the cause of this phenomenon - catastrophic fatigue and fear. And if with fatigue, you can somehow argue, then fear sits at the level of the subconscious, which prevents a woman from opening up again in front of her beloved man. First, young mothers often complain of pain and discomfort after giving birth during sexual intercourse.

    Remember that you can resume sexual activity not earlier than 4-6 weeks after birth, and to avoid all fears about not fully healing the vagina or uterus, it is necessary to consult your gynecologist.

    As soon as he gives good, then in physiological terms, you should not be problems.

    The next moment - "I'm not attractive"! This is a frequent phenomenon that haunts many women, because the figure of a girl turns into a female.

    Remember that pulling up the tummy is easy, but the male look is not so picky as a woman's, many men, on the contrary, really like the appearance of "roundness" and "femininity", the main thing, of course, do not run yourself to excess weight.

    In fact, dulling libido is normal for a young mother, because the body has made up for its need for motherhood and, while the baby is still very young, another baby simply does not need it.

    This causes a decrease in the pleasure hormone, which is responsible for arousal. Try to restore romance in your relationship: light massage, aromatic oils and a romantic atmosphere will play a role in your relaxation.

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