• The magical transformation of old shoes in the festive

    • Aunt Motya

      Oh! that's how much patience you need! create such beauty!

    • Anonymous

      Are we in the stone age? Let's cook on the fire and Mammoth puddle

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Fu, amateur

    • Anonymous

      is it your way beautiful ??? terrible horror. rural glamor

    • Anonymous

      pipets! only shoes ruined

    • Irina

      Gypsy! Only if the carnival, and even then, such shoes are good to destroy

    • Simona2

      The last point was not posted: and now we throw this stiff something without the slightest sign of taste - straight into the garbage can!
      Well, this is necessary - to mock and over the legs - sweat in the adhesive shell (PVA does not fit the sanitary needs of the legs), rub the corns - shoes in the glue do not bend, look at this uzhos from cheap shiny knob ... Fu !!!

    • Olga
    • Anonymous

      shoes are called - "death tights"

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, it is vulgar and not aesthetic.

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