• The guy did for his girlfriend a "magic mirror"

    The 21st century is not in vain called the age of technology. Practical every person first of all checks the morning weather, news and much more on their gadgets. A young guy under the nickname Toothie96 made for his girlfriend an unforgettable gift - a magical mirror with features of newfangled gadgets that displays time, weather and news. Agree, the best birthday present for a girl is hard to come up with.

    The whole idea was to spend less time on the phone. After all, you can do makeup or hair and at the same time check the news on a cool mirror.

    In order to realize the idea of ​​the guy, he made a deep frame of pine planks, where you could put the monitor.

    The guy had to work hard to put the 27-inch monitor in the frame.

    Conventional mirrors do not allow light, so the guy bought a double-sided mirror and wrapped the frame with an LED ribbon for extra light.

    In order for the mirror to be turned on and off with a flick of the wrist, he added a Bluetooth speaker and a special sensor.

    Then he installed the chip from the computer Raspberry Pi, which displays information on the magic mirror.

    In order to encode the user interface, he suffered a lot of time.

    The guy spent about $ 250 to create a unique mirror and a lot of time, but the result was worth it!

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