• The bride's dress after the wedding can bring profit to the young family

    Beautiful princess from a fairy tale - this is what any girl looks like on her wedding day. Luxurious outfit emphasizes the beauty and femininity of the bride, makes her airy and unearthly. Therefore, no one is embarrassed that a wedding dress is an expensive thing, and a girl will shine in it only a day. But what to do with it after the celebration?

    There are several long-standing traditions

    • Hide and store as a guardian of family life. Therefore, sale, gift are excluded.
    • After the wedding, the dress takes on healing power. It is enough to put it on when someone in the family gets sick and sit next to the patient and then the disease recedes.
    • Before putting the dress in the chest, you need to wash the hem - water will wash away the damage that the enviers could impose.
    • Store your daughter's wedding clothes.Now it seems unreasonable, but in olden days such a tradition existed, especially if the dress was exquisite handmade, embroidered with gold threads and pearls.

    But if you are not a true person, then there are several modern options for where to put your old wedding dress.

    From the old dress you can sew things that bring comfort and warmth to your family corner. For example, funny throw pillows or an envelope-blanket. If you don’t have time, you can buy charming envelopes on my-choupette.

    It can be sold, although the process is rather complicated. And the faster, the better, while this model is still in fashion. When advertising, specify the size and length, place three - five good photos in several angles. The price should be reasonable.
    If the dress is not torn and there are no stains on it, you can rent it. It is better to conclude an agreement on monetary compensation in caseif the dress is returned spoiled.
    Try to solve. A skilled dressmaker can make you a fabulous ballroom or evening dress. For example, the skirt can be covered with colored organza or guipure. When the white fabric peeps through the color - the effect is stunning.
    You can tailor a dress for a future little baby - for christening or for first birthdays. But do not wait for a long time - an adult girl wants to choose her dress herself. And you can make an elegant envelope in which you take the baby from the maternity hospital.
    Of course, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your wedding dress. But before selling, do you think, will it come in handy again?
    Modern brides have very fashionable photos taken in the style of Thrash the dress. This is a new direction in photo art. If you think that the images of your wedding are rather modest, then this photo session is very diverse and will enhance the impression of the holiday. Be ready during the shooting to swim in the lake,roll on the sand, climb a tree, cuddle in the grass and even paint each other. The dress in the process can be creased, torn, smeared. It can even be set on fire. Of course, the dress will be completely destroyed in the final, but you will get the most original photos.
    A wedding is only the beginning of your family life. And on the gray days and difficulties do not feel sorry for the bright colors. Create your own paradise!

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