• Brazier and gazebo-made himself for the first time in my life

    Posted by: Riaha111

    I decided I meant to grill the brazier in the gazebo, in the winter evenings I drew any info that could help me with the construction. And spring came and work began to boil! He did everything for the first time in his life

    I cut the brick, set on the corner

    Future table top

    Pour concrete

    Well ... with God!



    Growing again

    Tiles on the countertop

    Made the doors with vintage waste boards

    I opened it with azure

    Skeleton Arbor

    I trim in a circle

    Painting, wiring, etc ...

    In the process of work, I found an old chandelier in the attic

    3 hours of work and ready floor lamp!

    This is for the lounge area of ​​the sofa)

    Actually lounge area

    Brazier at work!

    Freezer for cooling beer and not only

    Decorative window)) flowers will be later and a dining area

    Take a closer look

    General view - from the pipe smokes!)))

    The budget is 800 USD. since there were a lot of materials on the site.
    It remains to hem the ceiling, lay the tile on the floor and install a shower.

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