• The best hats for a trip to the beach

    Summer will come very soon, which means that everyone will rush to the beach. And to protect yourself from sunstroke, be sure to purchase a hat in advance. And if you want him not only to protect from the scorching rays, but also to complement the image, then take the choice responsibly.

    What are the?

    First, we list the main types of beach hats:

    • Maxi hat with wide margins. Its wide fields cover from the sun not only the head, but also the face and even the shoulders, so the chances of being burned are reduced significantly. This model looks incredibly elegant and feminine. It fits almost everything, but is not always convenient. First, it can be quite hot. Secondly, in such a hat it is impossible to swim and play outdoor games on the beach. But then you can at any time close your face and immerse yourself in your thoughts.
    • The gaucho hat has a flat top and straight fields of medium length. Previously, they were worn by aristocrats to tournaments and horse races, but today such a headdress has moved into everyday life and even to the beaches.It is worth noting that this model is far from being for everyone, but only slender girls with a rather long neck. As for clothes, the best option is free.
    • Panama. This option is appreciated by many. This head piece perfectly protects from the sun and does not give to sweat. Panamas are made of textiles, so the options for coloring can be very diverse. This model will give the image of lightness and a certain mischief. It will be perfectly combined with simple swimsuits.
    • Hat "Fedor". The crown (upper part) of such a model has a triangular notch in the middle and two hillocks on the sides. Fields are flexible and vary in average length. This model can be called youth and stylish. But it will be combined best with a simple or even a sports separate swimsuit without unnecessary details.
    • A “trilby” hat is a kind of “fedora” described above that has wider margins. This model is not for everyone and not very convenient, since it does not completely cover the face.
    • The turban looks extravagant and elegant, giving the image a special chic. Such a model will harmoniously look with dragonfly-shaped glasses and with a one-piece laconic swimsuit.A turban is more restraint than sexuality, therefore, having chosen it, you will have to forget about the bikini.
    • The cowboy hat has a notch on the crown and rather wide fields, bent on the sides upwards. This headpiece will go well with a split bikini swimsuit. And if the bodice or panties will be decorated with fringe, then the image will be bright, harmonious and stylish.
    • Bandana - youth and bold option, suitable owners of a slim figure and regular face shapes. The face is completely open, and this can be considered a minus. But such a headdress sits tight and will not fly away even with strong gusts of wind.
    • Caps with short peaks, made both from textiles and from straw, are becoming more and more popular. This is a more sporty option, so it will not be combined with sexy bikinis or elegant one-piece swimsuits.
    • A baseball cap is ideal for an active and athletic girl. The visor covers the face, but the ears will be open.
    • Hat "cloche" is similar to the bell, as it has a round crown and short pubescent down the field. This model is very feminine and elegant, but it is most suitable for owners of an elongated face, narrow chin and rather high cheekbones.
    • Hat "kanote" - a straw hard hat with a cylindrical low crown and straight short fields. Such a model would be best to look at a slim girl with an oval or slightly elongated face.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose a summer hat?

    When buying, you need to consider the following important points:

    • Style. In style, the hat must necessarily be combined with beachwear, footwear and accessories.
    • The size. The hat must fit snugly to the head, otherwise it will fly off even with a weak gust of wind. But the headgear should not be pressed, otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable.
    • Material. It should be light, breathable and rapidly evaporating moisture.
    • Colour. It is worth picking it up taking into account personal preferences and basic tones of beachwear. But remember that the dark hat will heat up very much, which can lead to heat stroke. It is better to give preference to light shades.
    • Features of the shape and shape of the face. If the face is narrow and elongated, then it is worth choosing a headpiece that will cover the forehead. Also relevant are models with low and rounded aces. Chubby girls go high beach hats.Slender and low representatives of the fair sex are narrow-brimmed hats, and wide are contraindicated. But full ladies, on the contrary, should pay attention to wide-brimmed models. But they should not wear small caps, tight-fitting head.

    What will be fashionable in summer 2015?

    The main fashion trends of the coming summer season:

    • Floral or animal prints. In the summer they look especially fresh and harmonious.
    • Bright and interesting colors, such as yellow, mint, orange, lime, pink, fuchsia, indigo, blue. The classic white still remains relevant. It is also worth paying attention to pastel colors, such as milk, beige, sand, peach.
    • Femininity. It can be traced in everything: in styles and soft forms, delicate colors and elegant elements of decor.
    • Bright details. It can be wide ribbons, embroidery, applications, large flowers, stones. In general, do not be afraid to be bright and original.

    Choose a suitable headdress and become the queen of the beach!

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