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    The best garden centers of Ukraine

    The global volume of the market of garden products and services is about 1000 billion dollars. In Ukraine, this industry is in a stage of dynamic development. A stable climate and compact geography contribute to the development of garden centers, which offer consumers a diverse range of goods and services.

    Best Practices

    The goal of the garden centers is to satisfy the demands of consumers of different levels in the cultural green transformation of the surrounding space. They offer:

    • Plants for landscaping and gardening;

    • related products for the garden;

    • landscape landscaping design of a site of any size;

    • implementation of the proposed turnkey project;

    • Professional gardener services and other types of work.

    In the struggle for the consumer, the best garden centers offer an exclusive.

    Kiev studio landscaping «Vert» offers a full range of services for landscaping. The consumer can purchase a turf and order its installation.

    Flower workshop "Raiskasadib" represents a full range of services in the field of plant design and floristics.

    Garden Center PROXIMA specializes in the sale of young coniferous and deciduous seedlings, offers more than 1000 species of young trees.

    In general, the place where the owner of the private sector or the summer cottage can ask for advice on any issue relating to the garden theme or purchase the necessary plant products, order services for landscaping and gardening of the territory called a garden center.

    Advantages of the garden center

    Often, garden centers are confused with nurseries that also implement plants. But it is unlikely that the latter will be able to compete with reputable companies Greensad, InterFlora, Eva and others.

    Nurseries traditionally grow a certain kind of plants.It can be fruit, decorative or other groups. Garden centers have a universal assortment of plants, collected from many nurseries. For example, the garden center Greensad offers consumers samples from more than 25 nurseries located in different parts of Ukraine and even beyond its borders.

    A full range of services can only be offered to the consumer by a garden center. For example, beautiful landscaping of the site, including design, land works, the creation of an alpine slide, decorative ponds, automatic irrigation and other services offered in the best garden centers in Kiev.

    It is difficult to imagine how best to go around nurseries and choose everything you need. Usually they are outside the city limits. Garden centers are focused on the end user and create for him maximum comfort: proximity to the residential array and a variety of opportunities.

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