• The architect turned the old cement plant into his home

    Back in 1973, renowned architect Ricardo Bofill bought one of the blocks of an abandoned cement plant in Barcelona. In two years, Ricardo turned these picturesque ruins into his residence. These are not only residential apartments, but also an office, an archive, an exhibition hall, a workshop, guest rooms and a beautiful garden.

    The interior of his home is characterized by restrained simplicity. The owner gave the brutal industrial architecture the right to play a major role.
    Bofill managed to turn an abandoned factory building into a real modern castle.

    The former cement plant is a unique design building: huge open spaces, a mixture of textures, shapes and materials, natural light from large arched windows. Ricardo Bofill still lives and works in his “cement plant”. According to him, this is the best place where he can concentrate while working on his projects.

    Bofill's dwelling has been featured in various interior collections for many years.called "The Cement Factory". The garden is a special pride of the architect: palm trees, eucalyptus trees, olives and cypresses grow there. The walls of the building are very picturesquely covered with ivy.

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