• What to poison bugs?

    Bedbugs are extremely unpleasant domestic insects that mostly live in beds. But when processing the apartment, also pay enough attention to hard-to-reach places, they also have bugs. These are baseboards, books, slots, furniture, electronics, etc. Bedbugs can come from anywhere, but getting rid of them is not so easy, but it is possible. On how to get rid of bedbugs, you can read in our article "How to get rid of bedbugs?".

    And today we will talk specifically about what to poison the bugs. Speaking frankly, the most effective way to get rid of bedbugs is to contact a private pest control company or call a SES in order to carry out a special treatment, and in the whole house, not just in your apartment. This is necessary for the bugs to be completely destroyed, and not to run from you to the neighbors, which they often like to do. Exposure to chemicals and folk remedies gives a less effective result, but what if the neighbors do not wish to carry out the treatment in their own apartments? Don't sit back.So let's find out how to poison the bugs.

    Getting rid of bedbugs


    They can be found in abundance in hardware stores. Before chemical treatment the apartment needs to be prepared. Take the children and domestic animals out of the house, remove food, protect all personal effects (chemicals, personal care products, etc.) from chemistry. Wear closed clothing, a respirator and gloves right before handling. Treat the entire apartment with a chemical agent, pay more attention to the slots, baseboards and places to sleep. On the packaging must be indicated, what time is needed for the agent to fully act. Upon its expiration, thoroughly ventilate the apartment and wash it, mop all clothing. If necessary, the entire procedure can be repeated.

    These are the basic rules for the use of chemicals. And what exactly can I choose? Here is a list of some: “Combat”, “Aktellik”, “Difocarb”, “Su-Sol”, “Phospholan”, “Insektolan”, “Prima-71”, “Neofos-2”, “Clean House”, “Ultra Effect "," Chlorpirimark "," Fufanon "," Cucaracha "," KRA-Killer "," Tetriks "," Piretrum "," Dust "," MINAP-22 "," Karbofos "," Empire 20 ".

    Aerosols: “Raid”, “Dichlorvos”, “Prima-U”, “Raptor”, “Karbozol”, “Perfos-P”. Powders: “Riapan”, “Neopin”. Liquid products: Primadid, Insect Dibro-Fin, Forsyth, Lacterin, GET, Foxyd.

    Folk remedies

    They are less effective, but not as harmful as chemical ones. If you wish, you can try to use some of them. Even more carefully handle the apartment, rub all clothes, clean all things. Imagine that you have very general cleaning at home! Here are some tools:

    • Treat the flat with a mixture of turpentine and ammonia or a mixture of kerosene and turpentine. Also advise a mixture of kerosene and green soap.
    • Frost and heat. Strong heat (about 40 degrees Celsius) bugs tolerate only for 2 hours, and the frost - a day, then bugs begin to die. In winter, you can arrange a lot of airing.

    Here are some more recipes for bedbugs:

    • 100 ml of turpentine and kerosene (each) + 20 g naphthalene;
    • 5 g of naphthalene + 150 ml of denature;
    • 40 ml. turpentine + 20 g of phenol + 3 g of salicylic acid;
    • 100 ml of ethyl alcohol and turpentine (each) + 5 g camphor.

    After the funds act, the apartment is better to wash immediately.Remember that often making one treatment of an apartment is not enough, because new bugs appear from the larvae. Be prepared for repeated treatments. We told you what to poison the bugs. Choose the one that suits you best, try to combine the means.

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