• Temperaments of personality types: extrovert and introvert

    It would be a mistake to consider extroverts sociable people, and introverts - closed. The differences in these types of personality are not so clear. Each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons. After reading them, you will quickly find a common language with representatives of these groups.
    Introvert who is it?
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    Extraverts Features

    The main difference between the extrovert and the introvert is that the first focuses on the outside world, and the second - on self-contemplation. An extrovert is easy to make contact with others, easily adapts to changes in external circumstances, but at the same time largely depends on the opinion of society. Such people love and know how to work in a team, striving for leadership and the generally recognized attributes of success.

    Pronounced extroverts are unhappy due to the fact that they are striving for the same thing as the majority, and, receiving this, are not satisfied. Sometimes it is worth looking deeper into yourself to understand which values ​​are true and which values ​​are imposed.

    Extroverts do not tolerate loneliness.Among them are many cheerful, active, enterprising people. Among the common disadvantages of this group can be noted lightheadedness, talkativeness, restlessness.

    growth areas in the personal sense extroverts to learn tolerance

    The best professions for extroverts are those associated with the collective labor or involve communication. Such people will approach the work in the field of trade and services, teaching and organizational activity.

    If you want to win the sympathy of a friend who is an extrovert, just give him a chance to speak. Listening is your main skill when dealing with people of this type.

    Signs of introverts

    In contrast to the extrovert introvert it is far from the world and people often do not share the values ​​imposed by society. Immersion in itself, an opinion different from the position of the majority, while some passive - key attributes of introverts.

    Due to the fact that earthly goods are alien to the representatives of this group, some people consider introverts as losers. But it is not. They just do not set themselves the goal of enriching themselves or earning credibility in society and find other ways to express themselves and realize their own potential.

    The most suitable professions for introverts are those associated with creativity and individual activities.

    Visible unsociation, sluggishness and silence of introverts is compensated by thoughtfulness, inner depth and thoroughness. In order to simplify their lives, introverts should accept themselves as they are, and not strive to appear “like everyone else”.

    It is not so easy to win the sympathy of an introvert, because they are often selective in their contacts and are silent a lot. It is important for you to create a calm, trusting atmosphere. Be true and sincere, because sometimes introverts are astute. Speak on the point, and do not try to make an impression of a joke belonging to this type of temperament.

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