• Technical customer: who it is, its functions and tasks

    Extended concept of a technical customer

    The technical customer’s functions include:

    • preparation of all types of permits;
    • obtaining all necessary approvals;
    • examination of construction sites and advice on their organization;
    • fulfillment of all technical conditions necessary for connection to engineering networks;
    • financial control.

    Thus, the technical customer plays an important role in managing the construction process, works closely with all participants in the construction process, performs technical supervision and coordinates all stages of construction, as well as the timing and quality of the processes.

    The need for a technical customer as a separate organization arose in the 80s of the last century. At the same time, Gosstroy approved a separate service designed to prepare for the construction of the facility and perform technical supervision of the construction itself. The idea has paid off, and the quality of construction has significantly increased.But after the collapse of the USSR, this service was no longer able to perform its functions under the conditions of the new time.

    In modern conditions, the functions of a technical customer are so diverse that their effective implementation requires extensive knowledge and impressive experience. A technical customer is not a specialty, therefore such specialists are not trained at universities. To become necessary long-term practical knowledge and experience in construction. Being involved in the construction process, the technical customer draws up a contract for the implementation of the required range of services, which also puts before him the need to understand the legal side of the issue (administrative documents, judicial practice, etc.).

    Regulatory framework

    The regulatory framework for the technical customer appeared in 2011, when the relevant amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation were adopted. Since then, the term technical customer has officially become an individual or legal entity authorized by the developer and acting on his behalf and in his interests on a professional basis.

    According to paragraph22 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the functions of a technical customer include:

    • the conclusion of contracts for engineering surveys, development of project documentation, construction, reconstruction and major repairs of buildings and structures;
    • preparation of buildings for reconstruction and capital repairs;
    • provision to contractors conducting construction, repair and reconstruction of the necessary documentation and material resources for the proper performance of their activities;
    • approval of project documentation;
    • preparation and execution of documents required for the commissioning of the object;
    • other functions stipulated by the Code.

    It is important to note that the developer has the absolute right to implement all the listed functions of a technical customer independently.

    The role of the technical customer in the construction of the object

    Many experts compare the role of technical customer in modern construction with conducting in the orchestra. Indeed, its functions include not only the design of the entire pre-project and project documentation, but also the complete management of the construction of the object at all stages: the formation, organization of the construction site, the construction of the object and the stage of putting it into operation.He directly organizes the interaction between all participants in the construction process: customers and investors, contractors, designers, coordinating and licensing authorities. It is worth noting the fact that each of these entities has their own interests in the business and the task of the technical customer - to deliver the facility in a timely manner, taking into account the interests of the participants of the process, taking into account the deadlines and a pre-planned construction plan, taking into account all modern construction rules and regulations.

    A practical example of the work of a technical customer

    The work on the construction of the object begins with the intention of the customer (investor) to invest money in the construction of this object on a certain land plot. At this stage, the activity of the technical customer begins. On the basis of the town planning plan, it is necessary to prepare and sign all the necessary pre-project documentation work:

    • conclude a lease agreement for a land plot;
    • to conclude an agreement for urgent gratuitous use of this area for the period of design, preparation for construction, the period of construction of the facility;
    • prepare and sign documentation on the transfer of land to the desired category.

    Thus, the technical customer assumes an impressive flow of paper work on the pre-project preparation and preparation of the mass of permits and approvals.

    After the stage of coordination of the architectural concept of the future object begins, the process of obtaining the conditions of technical orientation, necessary for connecting the object to the existing engineering infrastructure, begins. All issued technical conditions must be promptly registered and confirmed in numerous state organizations related to the operation of buildings and structures. And there are many such technical conditions and they are connected with the organization of water supply, heat supply, sewerage, electrification, telephone, radio installation, gasification and street lighting.

    In order to prepare a project for a tender on the choice of a project organization, it is necessary to also prepare a previously agreed plan of the selected land plot, an archival geo-basis, an architectural concept, and other papers.

    After the choice of the designer, the technical customer undertakes to prepare and sign with him an agreement on the development of design and estimate documentation within a certain time frame.The received documentation to the technical customer will also have to coordinate it with various departments, to conduct various examinations.

    At the final stage of project preparation, all project and estimate documentation, all permissive and conciliation papers are transferred to the investor to select contractors, suppliers of building materials and the necessary equipment. A technical customer is also needed at this stage: it is he who actively participates in the process of selecting the necessary organizations, monitors all the stages and terms of competition or bidding for the choice of these associations.

    After selecting contractors and suppliers, the technical customer issues a building permit for the whole “team”. To do this, he first conducts all the documentation work on the allocation of the selected land for construction work. For the period of performance of all construction works, he draws up a permit for the use of engineering communications from the federal or municipal authorities. Especially a lot of papers have to draw up if the construction site is located next to the road or railway, underground utilities and engineering structures.

    In order to implement all the above functions, it is desirable (but not necessary) for the technical customer to have an SRO approval. However, the availability of such a permit allows the customer to control the quality of work on the project, to carry out technical supervision and control, to check the quality of structures and materials, and the operability of the equipment used.

    After the construction is completed, the technical customer rents the object into operation and transfers to the investor (customer) the full package of documentation for registering the ownership right, including warranty obligations and papers for the BTI.

    Technical Customer Competence Level

    A number of persons nowadays perceive the integration of a technical customer as an auxiliary, necessary only for the rapid execution of all permissive and negotiation procedures. But it is not. The integration of a technical customer at the expert level understands the following issues:

    • organization of the construction site and activities on it;
    • obtaining technical conditions for connecting to existing communications and networks;
    • technical supervision of all phases of construction;
    • financial supervision of cash expenditures;
    • transfer of the constructed object into operation.

    Thus, the use of the functions of the technical customer in full allows us to achieve high quality construction work, as well as compliance with all deadlines according to a predetermined plan.

    A separate area of ​​activity of a technical customer is financial control. It includes the following features:

    • coordination with the investor of the cost of all works;
    • verification of invoices and receipts for services performed and work performed;
    • monitoring the expenditure of funds within the approved estimates;
    • report on the timeliness of the use of allocated funds;
    • control over the work of accounting.

    Considering the multilateral work of the customer with various subjects of construction, licensing and regulatory authorities, in most cases a technical customer is not one person, but an entire organization working in the form of an LLC.

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