• Teach your child to share toys

    The rivalry between children arises for various reasons and is most often manifested in the game. If children do not want to share toys, this indicates that they are fighting for the attention of their parents. The older child tries to show his primacy and draw the attention of the parents to himself, and the younger child, imitating the behavior of the older one, adopts the style of behavior.

    It also occurs when parents feel sorry for some of the children more (younger child, girl), because of this the jealousy between the children grows hotbed. Understand that bad behavior does not appear by itself. Children are like a clean sheet, they are not born with a certain set of knowledge. The first one and a half years of life they observe and learn patterns of behavior, they look at their parents playing children in the street and, on the basis of the data obtained, later build their own pattern of behavior.

    Try to teach the child to share as early as possible, ask permission from another child to play with the toy.If the child is not inferior to the toy, then offer him another. Giving clear instructions in the game, the children will lay the foundations and principles of the collective game.

    Starting from two and a half years, it is already possible to teach a child to play with toys in turn, the task of an adult is to establish rules and monitor their implementation. If the child is aggressive - stop him. Showing that it is impossible to show such emotions.

    The main thing is to show a good example. Be patient, don’t pick up toys by force, even when you are annoyed and angry with them. By following these rules, you can beat the rivalry between children and teach them to share.

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